Sunday 28 September 2014

Big Yay For Clay!

You Will Need:
Ingredients of your choice
A small container

Face masks and saving money are two of my favourite things in life.. so combining the two sounds like a good time to me! I've recently discovered dry clay and how amazing it is so I thought I would share a few recipes I've come up with for all skin types. You can buy dry clay from ebay, simply type in face mask clay and choose whichever one you want! 

Now onto the good stuff.

Combination/Oily skin:
 4/5 table spoons of clay
 3 drops of tea tree oil
 3/4 table spoons of water
 A lemon segment
This is the one I use for myself and it works a treat!

Dry skin:
4/5 table spoons of clay
3/4 table spoons of coconut oil
1 table spoon of honey (preferably manuka honey)

Sensitive skin:
4/5 table spoons of clay
3/4 table spoons of milk 
1 table spoon of aloe vera

Simply throw all of your ingredients into a bowl, mix everything together and voila... Face mask! I store mine in a small container in the fridge to keep it fresh and use it about twice a week, leaving it on my face for half an hour at a time.

Don't be afraid to mess around with different ingredients and find out what works best for you, leave me comments below if you do try it out, i'd love to know how you got on! 

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend, I can already feel my Monday blues coming on.

Adele x


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  1. Definitely will be trying this out, great blog you have here by the ways, keep up the good work m'dear


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