Sunday 26 July 2015

Lush's 'Cupcake' Face Mask Review.

 It's no secret that i'm a big Lush fan. I find it really comforting knowing that when using their products i'm putting the most natural and fresh products onto my skin with the added bonus that my money is going to a good place with their views on animal testing etc.

So, for the purpose of this review I decided to put the product to the ultimate test and use it on my boyfriend, whose name he would like to keep anonymous for macho reasons. 
I feel that after so many years of using face masks my skin has somewhat become immune to seeing huge differences when I use a new product so using it on my boyfriends face I would see maximum results. 

The mask caters for oily/teenage skin. It claims to help absorb excess oil which in turn leads to less breakouts and softens skin.

For me, whenever I use the mask my skin is noticeably softer and any extra oil I have, particularly on my t-zone is gone. My boyfriend has a similar skin type to me which is combination, an oily t-zone and normal/dry skin on the cheeks. The results of the mask on him was quite similar, his skin was very noticeably softer, with less oil and also less dry skin on the parts that needed a little moisture. As far as the odd spot or two go, they didn't magically disappear but there was a visible reduction of redness and evening of his skin tone.

All in all I think this product does what it claims to and I would definitely recommend it for anyone with an oily or combination skin tone type looking for slight results, it also smells like chocolate so what's not to love?! 


Adele x


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