Monday, 7 September 2015

Styling | Mom Jeans

Mom Jeans- noun informal 
'Women's jeans of a style regarded as unfashionable or unflattering' 
"Just because you're 40+, it doesn't mean you have to start walking around in mom jeans"

Alright, I think it's safe to say Mom Jeans have come full circle since the 80's. Particularly in the last year or so we've seen a total revival of the style of jean and in light of that I am dedicating a post to styling them from day to night showing just how versatile these little gems are and how useful it is to have a pair in your wardrobe.

Mom Jeans

I opted for a classic pair of light wash denim mom jeans from Topshop, however if you have the time and want to find a cheaper pair I would recommend looking in Vintage shops, it takes some dedication to find the perfect pair but they're a fraction of the price compared to places like Topshop and American Apparel and will last a lifetime!

As far as styling goes, I went with a simple layered daytime look, perfect for throwing on in the morning if you're heading off to college or doing errands, teamed with a pair of runners you're sure to be comfortable all day.
 The nighttime look is a lot more feminine, I personally am obsessed with the colour yellow, I understand that it isn't everyone's cup of tea but I think it contrasts perfectly with denim, dressing it up with a pair of heels and you're favourite clutch and you're good to go!

So to conclude, Mom Jeans are most definitely far from unflattering and unfashionable and in 2015 in my opinion are a must have basic wardrobe essential.


Adele x


  1. the watermelon purse! :) Nice

  2. I got a pair of mom jeans last year and definitely need to drag them back out of the wardrobe soon!Xx


  3. Great choices!

  4. I love them, but I have yet to find my perfect pair! Definitely need to go on a hunt.


  5. Great post and selection!


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