Wednesday 16 November 2016

Girl Talk | Things I learned when I stopped wearing bras

Today marks the beginning of a little series on my blog entitled 'girl talk'. Since the vast majority of my readers are women and I myself am one too (in case you didn't know) I thought it would be interesting to make posts every so often discussing female related topics and shed some light on certain issues attributed to our gender. So get ready for a whole load of bra, period and hormone talk in the upcoming months. 

To kick things off I thought I would talk about bras, or more specifically my lack of bras and what I discovered through no longer wearing them. Mostly due to laziness I gave up putting on a bra everyday around the beginning of this year, when I realised how liberating it was I decided to make an active decision to no longer wear them on a daily basis. Of course the very odd time I will put one on if needs be, but generally the gals are let loose. Here are the pros and cons of this freedom.

It's Comfortable Af 
Every girl is familiar with that magical feeling you get when you remove your bra after a long day of perkiness. If you don't wear a bra you experience that feeling all the live long day, have I convinced you to ditch that bra yet?

People Will Stare 
Isn't it weird to think that there are legal and illegal nipples in the world? Clearly these illegal nipples not being covered by a millimeter of material is just too much for some people to handle. Be prepared for creepy men to focus on the outline of your boobs under your top more than your face and for old ladies to make comments on how 'disgraceful' you are. I firmly hold my two fingers up to every one of these people.

Hello Bralettes 
Giving up wearing bras may lead you to become acquainted with it's much prettier, much friendlier, little sister, the bralette. For me whenever it is necessary for me to wear some form of boob support I will reach for a bralette. Comfortable and pretty they are the perfect alternative to uncomfortable wire bras.

Nip Slips May Happen
This is a no brainer. No bra = the possibility of your nips making an appearance. I have had one, maybe two in my lifetime but it's really no big deal, we all have nipples and it's something that should just be laughed off.

You Save $$$
Bras are seriously expensive, which is very irritating when you didn't even choose the boob life. By ditching your bras you will save yourself a whole load of dolla bills which you can spend on more important things, like chocolate.

Running For The Bus Is Not What It Used To Be 
My boobs are pretty much non existent, but I can most definitely feel them having a bounce around if I need to run for any given reason. Running to catch the bus now involves me holding my chest and announcing to my friends that I have no bra on and 'can't do this'.

Life Long Perkiness
On average bra wearers sag roughly 7mm more than non wearers. I understand for women with larger boobs it is not always possible to go braless, however, for gals like myself with smaller boobs there is no reason why we shouldn't. I definitely want to avoid sagging at all costs so really I am just doing myself a huge favour by freeing them nips.

Whether you choose to go tits out or like the support of a wired bra, that is completely your choice. For me I can't ever imagine going back to locking up my boobs in a padded prison again. I am perfectly happy to take the cons with the pros and carry on freeing the nipple.

What are your thoughts on this?

Adele x



  1. LOVE this, i fully embrace the no bra thing and love a lacy bralette, the fact people frown upon it is so strange to me! it should be just as acceptable to not wear one! x

  2. If my tits were like yours, I would've probably done the same, but with tits like mine? Gurlllllllllll...people will call the police, fire service and probably the mental doctors too. Lol!! Those tits have a mind of their own after a baby. Lol!

  3. This is sooo in right now I love it! Great review! x

  4. LOVED reading this post, so honest and raw! I rarely ever wear proper bras, I just stick to bralettes! I personally don't like going braless as I don't find it comfortable even though I'm quite flat chested! x

    Ariadna || RAWR BOWS

  5. Really honest post!

  6. Bras annoy me greatly but whenever I go bra less I always feel too self conscious and strange since I'm not used to the 'free life' haha!

    Sarah | What Sarah Writes | Giveaway

  7. I love this post! Can't wait for the rest of the series. Before I had a baby I loved going bra-less, however, now that they're covered in stretchmarks I kind of like wearing a push up bra as it makes me feel a bit more confident.

    Roxie | The Beautiful Bluebird

  8. oh, I don't feel comfortable without bra - boobs feel to heavy T_T

  9. bralettes are my absolute favorite!

  10. Love your Girl Talk idea! I think I would feel a bit uncomfortable without a bra, but good on you for doing what feels best! #Freethenipple :)

  11. It's just amazing!
    Have a nice day!
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  12. i have beeen reconsidering this lately too im thinking of switching to sports bras or something because these bras with bones can really affect you and can be cancerous and sometimes you feel so clustered and tight, i hate it at times

  13. When I'm going to work-always I'm wearing bra, but at home I prefer when I have freedom of this ;-)

  14. I´m really happy that you are doing what you want with your body and feeling confident about it.
    I personally wouldn’t think about going braless because I wouldn't feel comfortable. But if you do, good on you!
    The Girl Talk series sounds like a great idea, can’t wait for the next post!

    Vanessa x |

  15. Great to have some girl talk ;-) I have not even thought about the option of not wearing a bra - what a very liberating idea. Have a great weekend!


  16. What a great post. It is true it is much more comfortable without bra. But I don't dare to leave the house without a bra because I don't like staring people.

    xo. tthuy | RubyliXious

  17. I can't live without bra, but I usually buy the one without bone - brand called etam has some of bras without bone, they are stable, you can wear them without straps, and they are always in the perfect place.

  18. Ive always loved wearing bras but recently they have been driving me crazy and Ive been tempted to ditch them. At home I never wear a bra but going out without one on does kinda scare me a little bit because I do have big boobs.

  19. I've really gravitated over to #TeamBralettes this past year; so much cozier since I don't need much support. And I never realized that the more you wore bras the more likely you were to sag later in life. Going to remember that one the next time I reach for a bra, haha. ;)


  20. Great recap! I couldn't go totally braless, but I am obsessed with bralettes. They are so comfy!


  21. I'd LOVE to just ditch the bra! But unfortunately, I work in retail and have a professional image to keep up (boo!) that being said, Winter is my favourite time of the year because I can throw on a coat and no one is going to tell if I'm bra-less or not.
    So weird how society has dictated the way that things should be (ie. women wearing bras, shaving legs etc.) I don't see men wearing nut-holders, y'know? haha.

    Great post!

    Lindsey Elyse | lindseyginge

  22. such a cute bralet. I so am on the same boat with you on the bra thing, ugh... but as much as I'd love to wear bralets all the time, my boobs are just nowhere to be found, i feel like a boy haha.

    xo, Carla

  23. Great post, thx for sharing your thoughts.

  24. Amazing post! I'm "on process" too! :P
    Awesome blog! I'm following you! Follow back?***

  25. Unfortunately I feel uncomfortably without bra, but you post is really great, intresting to read.


  26. i say HELL YH to no bras! i 100% prefer bralets or just going braless

    xo Sarah
    Absolutely Sarah | Bloglovin

  27. You are so extremely smart. Honestly. I haven't read a blog what has got so much effort in it like Yours. Your posts are so interesting to read and they are SO honest!
    I am quite flat chested and 50% of the time I don't really wear any bras. I love how You say that we shouldn't be embarrassed of the normal things in girly life.
    Loved Your post!!
    Love, Roosi

  28. Preach it sister, the feeling of no bra is an amazing one!

    Parie x
    Class and Glitter

  29. Love this! No bra is best! xx

  30. Oh I completely know what you mean! sadly braless is not that acceptable where I live. I was recently at the airport waiting for my baggage, I was wearing a tank top with nipple cover beneath it, but other people would thought I wasn't wearing a bra. Let me tell you, I got some serious stare-downs from women of older age and annoying stares from the guys who worked at the airport. It wasn't comfortable at all.

  31. I rarely wear a bra, it's just more comfortable. I really don't understand why to be ashamed of nipples ... ;)
    Nati xx

  32. So many good reasons not to wear a bra! I might have to try it more often! xx

  33. I absolutely adore lingerie, though definitely more for the appearance rather than what they're actually doing. Good for you for going braless! I think we all loooove taking off our bras once home and getting 100% comfortable haha ;)

  34. Love everything about this post! So cute!
    Love, Hadasah Love | Instagram @hadasahlove

  35. Lingerie really put a game changer! Thanks for your wonderful comment on Qing's Style. Hope to hear from you soon!

    Follow me on Instagram and Twitter: @qingsstyle

  36. This is such a great post! I'm definitely a huge fan of replacing my bras with bralettes!

  37. this bra is the cutest!! I really want one like that

  38. Now this is certainly a post I haven't read before which is really refreshing! I love the idea of this series and I love how exhilarated you feel, good on you! May have to give it a go for a day or two...

    Musings & More

  39. I always have a bra on. I'm too afraid something would happen and my girls would show if I don't wear one lol. I need to buy a few bralettes and try this.
    btw I really like this new girl talk series, please keep them comming :)
    Sauniya | Find Your Bliss ♡

  40. I'm yet to feel the comfort of removing my bra. My PMS affects my boobs so much that I have to hold them while I walk down the stairs, even when wearing a bra! I have to go straight from a bra to a supportive camisole to sleep in to avoid pain. It doesn't help that my boobs are big. I've considered a bralette though, as a more comfortable alternative to a wired bra. I think I'm going to pick one up when I next have some money to spare. Xx

    Tania | When Tania Talks

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  42. I loveeee bralettes, they're so dainty and pretty! Maybe I'll try going braless for a while. I'm sure it would be easy in the winter with big chunky knits! Great post :)

  43. Hats off to you going braless! I'd definitely love to try this for a week just to see what it's like. However with this winter being pretty cold, I think it would stand out a lot more! But like you said, we all have nips!

  44. I love bralettes now, so much more comfortable!!

  45. Love this post! Victoria's secret recently had a sale on bralettes and I stocked up! They're so comfortable

    great post and your pictures on your blog are beautiful!

    xoxo Olivia

  46. I totally agree that wearing no bras is very beneficial to women's health

  47. The pros and cons of not wearing a bra look like we believed in more myths than science facts! Not wearing a bra for some time helps relax the blood flow.


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