Sunday 8 January 2017

The Life Post | My Favourite Blogs

With the popularity of blogs and the online world growing rapidly each day, the blogging community can at times be somewhat of a competitive and nasty space to be involved in. While everyone is clambering around in an attempt to improve their own blog and ultimately become top dog, it is easy to get swept up in this ruthless cloud of competition. 

So, in light of all this I thought I would share some girl power lovin' and list five of some of my favourite blogging gals. Their photography, writing and content inspires me daily and I will be a happy woman if I can get my own blog even close to the tip top shape that theirs is in.

The Lovecats Inc 

I have been following Helen's blog for as long as I can remember. I just cannot get enough of her clean photography and laid back style. She also bakes cakes that are to die for, her talents are just endless!

PB and the journey 

Polly from PB and the journey is a blog I have only come across recently and I am in love. Her  simplistic sense of style is too much for me to handle and her sense of humor completely comes across in all of her posts. Her blog is destined for wonderful things!

La Coco Noire

Katie blogs mostly about travel and lifestyle and her photography is possibly my favourite I have come across on any blog. She somehow manages to tell an entire story just from one picture and because of that her blog is well worth having a look at.

Salt and Chic

Another favourite of mine that I have been following for a while is Amy's blog Salt and Chic, which is just the cutest name ever. To match her cute blog name she has the prettiest hair colour in the blogging world and the perfect style to match. Her blog content has been taken to a whole new level in the past year, in particular her travel content and I cannot wait to see where 2017 will take her.

Jesska Denise

For my final favourite I of course had to include an Irish girl. I found Jess's blog through her instagram page maybe about a year ago. What I love about her blog is the authenticity that comes through her posts, while her photography and writing is profession you still get a real feel for her personality and even though we have never spoken I almost feel like I know her years!

So there you have it, five of favourite blogs and girls in this little community. It is always lovely to come across new blogs that you can add to your favourites and these five are absolute gems.

Leave comments with some of your favourite blogs and lets share lots of love together!

Adele x


  1. I didn't know all these blogs but now I have to check them. My favourite blog is fromroses - the aesthetic of this blog is amazing :)

  2. I didn't know any of these blogs but know I'm going to read them all. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I actually haven't heard of any of these blogs before but I'm so excited to give them a read!

  4. Great post!! I think one of the best things of blogging is being able to discover new and inspiring blogs!

    From your list I also follow The Lovecats Inc and I love it!


    Seize your Style

  5. Great picks! Will be checking them all out.
    Thanks for sharing, your positivity is contagious!
    - Julie

  6. When I feel lost of inspiration or words to blog for I do visit other blogs.
    I do love Salt & Chic too! I'll be checking the others.

    (◕‿◕✿) | Instagram | Bloglovin

  7. I didn't know any of these blogs but I really need to check them out cause they look amazing!

    Xoxo ♡

  8. What a great round up of amazing blog! I always love finding new blogs to follow.


  9. Thanks for sharing! Gonna check them out! :)

    Ellen x

  10. Such a great post and recommendations! I will check them all one by one, thank you for sharing with us dear! Happy 2017!

  11. Can't wait to check these out - that's always the best way to discover new blogs, from other bloggers!

    -Clarissa @ The View From Here

  12. Theres a few up there that I already love and a few that I now can add to my reading list to check out!! Great list, all these girls look fab. Thanks for the recommendations! :) xx

    Tash |

  13. Wonderful blogs, thanks for sharing!


  14. Never seen these bloggers but they look good! Always love bloggers promoting other bloggers!

  15. I loved this post!

  16. Amazing post.I'm gonnacheck all of these blogs for sure.your blog is just so fab.I follow you on bloglovin' now so I won't miss a post of yours xo


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