Sunday 20 August 2017

The Life Post | The Sorrento Photo Diary

Hello, and welcome to a depressing post about a sunny country that you are not in, not just you, me also. I was there, but right now I am not and this makes me just as sad as you are reading this on a rainy Monday. 

We arrived in Sorrento (that's in Southern Italy, just in case you didn't know) early on Saturday the 5th of August, and spent a week exploring this beautiful town. Well, less exploring more sitting by the pool eating pringles, but you catch my drift.
Without going into too much mundane information, we arrived in Naples Airport at around 11am and took a shuttle bus from Naples to Sorrento, which took about an hour. And if you are familiar with the Italian landscape, was absolutely terrifying as I was certain we were about to plummet to our death, recklessly whipping around Amalfi mountains. 

Having survived the journey from Naples we soon found our hotel in the blistering heat and quickly checked in. We stayed in Hotel Dania which I was particularly excited about having seen pictures of it, however I would NOT recommend staying there.  Although our time spent in Sorrento was wonderful, our choice of hotel put a real dampener on the trip. Much of the staff were rude, our room was basic, the website lied about a 'complimentary shuttle bus' and the chlorine from the swimming pool turned our swimsuits, hair and skin green. So yeah, not exactly the best. 

However, following putting in a complaint to the hotel staff and determined not to allow any of the above to ruin our stay, we booked a boat trip to the Island of Capri. This quirky little island seemed like a hidden gem, somewhere that is almost never spoken about. With the perfect pebble beach and colourful buildings, we were sad to say goodbye to it after just a few short hours.  

The remainder of our days were spent relaxing by the pool (and turning green) during the day and exploring the beautiful town of Sorrento and everything it has to offer, by night. While in the town we also did what any true Irishman does, and found the nearest Irish bar to drink our money. 

The town of Sorrento is charming with it's rustic architecture, and is full with the hustle and bustle of tourists from all parts of the world. We visited a number of restaurants in the town over the week and being totally honest, I was disappointed by the food Italy had to offer. Maybe my expectations were too high, or maybe the food from home is so good that I am now spoiled, but I failed to find a restaurant that did not serve oven chips and frozen bolognese, no matter the price.

But the tan I got on the trip was so worth the soggy chips, just sayin'. 

Coming near to the end of our trip, both myself and my boyfriend were sad to say goodbye to this scenic town, but simultaneously we were looking forward to eating some Irish potatoes. 


Adele x



  1. I'd love to visit Sorrento, it looks beautiful and your pictures are stunning!
    Amy xx

  2. Love that dress! So pretty.

  3. I would love to visit Sorrento one day - we nearly went there for our honeymoon. Just seeing the photos of pizza makes me really want one! Sorry to hear about the bad hotel experience though - not good! x

    Jenny | LuxeStyle

  4. Haha, I love the opening sentence to this post - so true, it's depressing, I want to be there right now!! Your time in Sorrento look absolutely beautiful; from the pool, to the pizza and from the casual streets to your gorgeous red wrap dress!!

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice x

  5. Your outfits are so bold and colorful. Beautiful photos!

  6. Beautiful pictures Adele and looking gorgeous

  7. So beautiful! Your trip looks and sounds amazing xx

  8. What gorgeous photos! Love the photo diary style of post. It looks lovely here, but also seriously hot! I'm sure that pool was very inviting, even if it was full of chlorine. That red dress is super pretty, and reminds me of my favourite emoji, the dancing girl in the red dress :)

  9. Wow every photo is so gorgeous!! What a great photo diary!


  10. Amazing photos and the food looks amazing. Plus, I'm obsess with your first look! I'm loving the color blocking :)

    xx Alyssa // STYLE VANITY

  11. Italy is so nice for holidays! Can't wait to go back ;)

  12. Beautiful photos! And it looks like you had a great time apart from your hair turning green ?! Whattt crazy! And now I want pizza!

    L.E.N.A | Revealed

  13. How beautiful! This seems like a perfect Summer trip! Green hair and soggy chips definitely wouldn't matter lol.

  14. Fabulous post and super cute dress.
    Italy is a fantastic place to spend the holidays.
    Have an awesome day.

    Love, Esther

  15. Love this thread you look gorgeous. I hope you had a great holiday!

  16. Beautiful photos, ad thanks for the hotel review. I wish to visit Italy soon, so 'note to self’. Hope you have a fab day.


  17. What a lovely sunny day! And your high waisted swim wear is everything!

  18. Such a lovely posts, I love all the photos. Great post, dear.


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