Sunday 19 October 2014

50 Facts About Me!

I thought I would make a little bit of a different post today. I started my blog about a month or two ago and I think it's about time I open up and tell you all a little more about myself and this happens to come in the form of 50 facts.. lets get this show on the road.

1. My full name is Adele Lydia Jane Miner.

2. I was born in Shropshire England and am half English and half Irish.

3. I now live in Dublin and have done since I was 6. 

4. Chocolate is the reason for my existence

5. I work part-time for a clothes brand called Promod in Debenhams.

6. Boys in checked shirts and skinny jeans are my weakness. 

7. I have two tattoos.

8. I've been with my boyfriend for 1 year.

9. I had my nose pierced last year which closed up, I'll eventually get around to re-piercing  it.

10. I'm currently doing a fashion course and hope to one day have a career in the industry.

11. My favourite song is The Fear by Ben Howard.

12.I shamelessly know all the words to Kanye West's Gold Digger.

13. Harry Styles is God.

14. Bad reality programmes are my favourite Made In Chelsea, Towie, The Hills.. they're all so bad they're good.

15. I've had a weird obsession with Michael Jackson since I was 1 and even have Moonwalker tattooed on my foot... yeah.

16. I secretly (not so secretly anymore) dance around my room to the likes of One Direction and Taylor Swift.

17. I love food, like a lot.

18. I'm quite the short arse.. maybe about 5'2 on a good day.

19. Sponges freak me the f out.

20. I have a nerdy obsession with the Titanic.

21. I have a teddy named Baby Bun since I was 3 and he still sleeps with me every night.  

22. Not many people in real life know about my blog. 

23. R Kelly, Ignition is ma jam.

24. I'm struggling to come up with 50 facts.

25. I didn't cry watching The Fault In Our Stars.

26. Titanic and 500 Days Of Summer are my two favourite films.

27. I look about 15. 

28. When I was younger I wanted to be a beautition.

29. I've only ever had pet goldfish.

30. I've been to two music festivals.

31. I would love and hope to travel the world some day.

32. I own the entire Friends boxset.

33. I love having no make up days.

34. I've seen The 1975 3 times in the past year.

35. I should really be doing assignments now, 

36. It takes me a really long time to watch a tv series. It took me 9 months to watch Breaking Bad.

37. I'm 20 next July and this scares me.

38. Liverpool is possibly my favourite City in the world.

39. I hate public transport (especially buses)

40. I hope to get my driving licence in the next year or two. 

41. I'm terrible at every sport imaginable. 

42. I have one little Brother. 

43. I love the sound of rain when I'm in bed. 

44. I never wear big heels. 

45. I've never broken a bone. 

46.I kind of want to be Carrie Bradshaw

47. I would choose clothes over make up any day. 

48. I twisted my ankle last Christmas walking to ice skating, yeah, walking to the place.

49. I still own and use an ipod nano. 

50. Online shopping excites me way too much. 

Well that's that, I hope it's not too much of a boring post. Don't be afraid to leave me your comments, I love hearing from everyone! 
Adele x



  1. I love this post! I love chocolate and 500 days of summer too!

    anna xx

  2. Great read! Might do this tag myself!
    Lou |


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