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The Life Post | Blogger Interview - Sarah Ashcroft 'That Pommie Girl'

About a year ago I interviewed the lovely Sarah Ashcroft from That Pommie Girl for a college assignment. Recently I re discovered the interview looking through old emails and I thought it could make a fun post. I am sure most of you are quite familiar with Sarah, if not through her blog then from instagram. The gorgeous lady has a huge following and I feel very lucky to have had the chance to chat with her. I love finding out more about the bloggers I follow, for me it makes them seem a lot more real and on top of that it can be really inspiring for people interested in pursuing the same kind of career to find out a little more about the industry. 

Why did you begin your blog?
After I left the Fashion Retail Academy I was eager to pursue a career in fashion PR and after being asked in almost every job interview if I had a blog I just decided to start one. I had never read a blog before in my life nor did I follow bloggers so it was all a bit random.

What did you study at uni and would you recommend studying it if you want a career in the fashion industry? 
I studied a Level 3 Diploma in Fashion Retail which was amazing but that course isn't a necessity for a career in fashion but I do think a course in fashion is a good idea. However these days work experience is much more beneficial on a CV than any course or degree.

Could you tell me a little about your job and what it entails?
I am a full time fashion blogger so it involves a lot of photos, socialising and always being organised!

What do you think it takes to be a successful blogger?
Just being true to yourself. Don't ever copy as it is your own unique style that will make you stand out. I also think being relatable to your followers really helps so never think you are better than them, after all you are all human.

Do you think it is possible to turn blogging from a hobby into a full time job?
Of course :) I am living proof of that and I know a lot more who also do it full time.

What do you think are the biggest challenges breaking into the industry?
Getting yourself known if the hardest thing when you first start out blogging but once you have achieved that it all comes quite easily.

What would be your dream job?
To continue blogging full time for as long as I can :)

Do you think you need to move to a big fashion capital (like London or New York) to have the best chance of breaking into the industry?

I don't think it is a must however when it comes to getting to events and shoots easily it does help and certainly makes your life easier. I live about 30 mins outside of London in Buckinghamshire and I don't find it too hard :)

If you could interview any blogger who would it be?

Adele x


  1. This was such a lovely read, it's nice to hear how lovely Sarah is as a person <3

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  2. I really like this post, it is so great and interesting :)

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  4. I quite agree with her where she said that these days people look for work experience more than the educational qualifications. Great interview dear. I clicked on your follow button on GFC and it took me back to this page with my profile picture on your followers tab so it appears I ' m already following you on GFC .

  5. What a cool little interview. Ah, the life of a fashion blogger. :]

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  6. Such a lovely read and insight into the start of your blog! It's a beautiful blog that you've set up Adele :)
    Ambar x | Her Little Loves

  7. What a great throw back. It is nice to hear the perspective she has. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Wow I'm really glad you shared this! I always like reading how people started blogging and what made them choose to go down that path. I wish I could one day be a full time blogger. That would be really awesome :)

    ~Andrea Tiffany~

  9. I think being yourself is the most important take away. Thank you for sharing

  10. So fun to learn about other bloggers! Great interview!

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  11. Great interview dear!!!! Thanks for sharing!
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  12. nice interview! if i had the chance, i'd love to talk to wendyslookbook or song of style! :D

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  13. Great post! Always love reading interviews! Thanks for introducing me to a new blogger that Ive never heard of before!

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  14. Ahhhh what a great post, love it! :)

  15. Great post! It's always inspiring to read about how other bloggers made it big and how they have continued success! Thanks for sharing!


  16. Great interview, thanks for sharing

  17. Great interview dear!! Thanks for sharing!
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  18. Great post! I really enjoyed reading this.
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  19. Great interview. Encouraging also.

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  20. Great interview! I love reading about other bloggers!
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  21. Such a great interview, thanks for sharing girl! I love finding out about new bloggers!

  22. Great interview!
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  23. She is a beauty!!!

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  25. Fantastic interview! I really like her style :)

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  26. Thanks for sharing this interview, I always love to hear the stories of bloggers and how they turned their passions into full-time jobs!

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  27. Lovely interview. Thank you for sharing it, I really enjoyed it!

  28. Thanks for sharing this amazing blogger! Great interview!

  29. I love learning more about a blogger's journey and picking up any and all tips I can, so I absolutely adore this post! It is so inspiring to see women turn blogging into a full-time career!

  30. Oh wow! Such a good interview. I had NO idea people ask you on interviews if you have a blog! So interesting!

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  32. So inspiring!! I love seeing people turn their blogs into their full time jobs!


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  35. Love this interview! Doing it full-time is absolutely possible! Xx

  36. Interesting post.. got to read something different!!

  37. What an inspiration! Living the dream :)

  38. Interesting interview and great questions!
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  39. Great interview :) I haven't heard about this blogger before, but she sounds lovely

  40. She sounds like a lovely person. Great post xx

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  44. Great interview! I enjoyed reading this. Thanks for sharing!

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