Sunday 18 September 2016

The Beauty Post | Seven Uses For Green Tea

Last week I had a stye (don't worry this is going somewhere) and while I was holding a green tea bag to my in an attempt to get rid of the problem I realized just how many uses aside from drinking it green tea has. Which prompted me to do some research to find out more and share what I discovered. The little tea bags contain a lot of goodness in them and it is well worth picking up a box to have in the house, handy for any problematic situations that may arise. 

So let's get into those unusual uses. 

Of course the main benefit of green tea is it's original purpose, drinking it. As most people already know it improves your health, brain function can help you loose weight and even lower your risk of certain types of cancer. So this one is a no brainer, drinking green tea = good. 

Facial Toner
For years now I have been making my own facial toner out of green tea. I boil up some of the tea, add in some tea tree and lemon juice, wait for it to cool to pour into a spray bottle and i'm done. I have a toner that is good for my skin, basically free and lasts me months. 

Eye Problems 
As I said above, I used one of the tea bags to help improve my stye during the week, which it most definitely did. But other than a stye you can also use it for dark circles and puffiness. By putting two use bags over your eyes you can reduce any swelling while tightening the skin around the eyes and reducing the dilation of the blood vessels under the eyes. 

Hair Mask 
I have read that pouring green tea into your hair can help the health and appearance of your hair. How exactly I am not sure. I have tried this one out myself and I saw some results, by massaging a mug full of green tea into my hair it made my hair look a lot shinier and helped with any kind of shedding I have. Just be sure to wash it out well after doing applying it! 

Acne Treatment 
It is a good idea to to try and buy face washes, moisturizers etc with green tea in them. Or better yet, you can do a diy job on it and simply rub green tea leaves on your face and body before rinsing. Because it naturally is filled with anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and antioxidants it can help clear up skin and fight off any new spots. 

Lingerie Freshening
This one if a little weird and I have not tried it myself yet but, legend has it that if you pop green tea leaves in a thin cloth bag and out it into your underwear drawer any odor will be absorbed by the leaves and leaves your bras and knickers in wonderful nick!

Facial Scrub
By combining green tea with water and white sugar you can create a perfect face mask that not only tightens and improves the appearance of skin but also exfoliates it to a smooth finish. 

So there you have it, seven uses for green tea that never in your wildest dreams have you thought of. 

Would you be trying any of these?

Adele x


  1. The green tea toner sounds like a great idea, I have to try it!

    Bella Pummarola

  2. awesome and very interesting uses for green tea!

    lu | Coco&Louis

  3. Lovely post and very informative I love green tea that's the tea I'm having right now. It's amazing

  4. Great post dear! ♥
    New post on my blog:

  5. Green tea has so many benefits but I really can't stand taste of it. I know it's really good for body but I just can't. Anyhow, great post and I might actually drink a cup later today because I need some more energy. Anyhow, I like your blog and I followed you on GFC :) Would be nice if you follow back, Have a nice day <3 | Let's follow each other on GFC ♥

  6. I love green tea! St. Ives actually has a green tea exfoliating cleanser that is wonderful! I'm really interested in the hair mask. I've never heard of that trick before! I'll have to try it out.


  7. Love everything about this post! So cute!
    Gina //

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  9. great idea so far I am only daily drinker of green tea

  10. Great post Adele! I had no idea the other uses of green tea (other than of course drinking!). I'm going to have a go at some of these ideas thank you! Lots of love, Helen xx

  11. Great tips thanks for sharing!

  12. Such a creative post!! I love it!! I always drink green tea but I love these ideas!

    Mel |

  13. I'm always using green tea in Diy toners it's amazing! Loved this post fab idea xx

  14. Very interesting post. I love the green tea! I will try the facial scrub. Regards

  15. I have loads of green tea just sitting in my cupboard so i'm glad I can use it for a few other things besides drinking. I will be saving this to use later :)

    Kirsten -

  16. This is so cool! I never knew there was so many uses for green tea, so this has really got me thinking. :)


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