Sunday 9 October 2016

The Beauty Post | Autumn Nail Polish

I am definitely the kind of person that likes to paint my nails in correspondence to season. Now that we have waved goodbye to Summer my pastel nail polishes have seen their day and are now stashed away, eagerly awaiting the sun's return. I am the luckiest gal to have a mother with just as much as an obsession with nail varnish as myself. With that means I have an entire array of colours to choose from whenever I please. 

I have drawn inspiration from crispy leaves and Autumn skies when it comes to my nail colour as of late. Even though it's not Christmas just yet, I couldn't resist throwing in a little glitter with that gorgeous orange colour. Every other colour I have kept quite simple, with muted nudes and deep purple. 

 Drugstore brands like Essence and Catrice are perfect for buying polishes according to the season, as they are constantly keeping up with the latest seasons and trends for a very affordable price. 

What nail colours will you be wearing this Autumn? 

Adele x



  1. I will be wearing pastel blue and red:)...I know that pastel blue isn't an autumn colour but I just couldn't resist...great selection of nail polishes.

  2. They are so fallish and beautiful, I want them all!

  3. all those colours are fantastic
    thanks for sharing!
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  4. Wonderful colors my dear :-) I will wear dark colors on my nails this autumn ;-)

  5. I love coloring my nails especially with dark colors which is why I love this season! That deep red nail polish is definitely my pick! :D Thanks for dropping by my blog, I appreciate it. xo - The Vampire Queen

  6. Love the set of colors that you picked :)


  7. the nail polish shades are gorgeous
    have a lovely week

  8. Just loving all those polishes! I tend to go for a deep red in Autumn :)

    Love LC x


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