Wednesday 19 October 2016

The Life Post | Ten Reasons Why You Should Love Your Big Boobs

Quite a while back I made a post on '10 reasons why you should love your small boobs' and although it is not entirely relate able to me, it is only fair that I make a post dedicated to all you big breasted gals. Because at the end of the day big or small, all boobs are wonderful and why not embrace that. 

Everyone Loves Them
And i'm not just talking about straight men, gay men, straight girls, gay girls and everyone else inbetween.. they appeal to everyone. Boobs are great and everyone knows it. 

What's a push up bra?
I am forever stuffing and pushing up my boobs in an attempt to make an outfit look nicer. But if you are lucky enough to have big boobs naturally you don't have to undertake any of the tasks us flat chested ladies have to, just pop on a bra and there you go, Cleavage! 

Big Bras
With big boobs comes big bras.. obviously. But there is so much more to this. You can hide pretty much anything in your bra and no one is any the wiser. Think alcohol at music festivals.. I am so jealous of you. 

With bigger breasts comes more body heat. This is something got to do with the adipose tissue, which is pretty handy if you live in a colder climate. You essentially are your own portable heater. 

I'm unsure exactly how true this is, but apparently possessing the hormones needed to grow large boobs generally means that your reproductive system is healthy. 

Big boobs, lots of milk, happy babies. It's all good stuff, really.

Gone be with the days that only women with small boobs could buy attractive underwear. Pretty much every brand now caters for larger chested girls also so you can have your big boobies and look pretty, yaaaay. 

Life Expectancy 
Apparently women with larger chests are healthier and live longer when compared to those with smaller boobs. This makes me a little sad, but hey ho. 

They're Fun to Play With 
I can't really speak from personal experience here. But I can imagine they are fun for boys, girls and yourself to play with. What's not to love about that?!

Having big boobs gives you more buoyancy so if you ever find yourself in a tricky situation while swimming you needn't panic too much because your boobies have got ya back! 

I do hope this little bit of body positivity cheered up your Wednesday afternoon. I feel in a world filled with body standards and pressure there is nothing wrong with celebrating how you look, regardless of what society deems it to be.

Adele x



  1. ha ha ha :))))) ı love my big ... have a nice daysss...

  2. This post had me in stitches! As a big boobed lady (32G) I always think about the negative things when it comes to big boobs and this has reminded me they aren't actually that bad!


  3. so right!))) your post made me smile)

  4. haha I love this post. I sometimes have a love-hate relationship with my big boobs but I must say on the whole I do love my boobs. Everyone should love their boobs no matter how big or small they are.x

  5. I so agree :) We need to be proud of our girls ;)
    Have fun^^

  6. Yes for breast positivity! I like my small boobs but there are definitely times where I'd like them larger. So jealous of girls who can put their phone in their bra without looking like you have a weird pointy boob!

  7. love this post Adele!!!
    Very interesting

  8. Looved reading this!! Just stumbled across your blog from my instagram @Mil.jpeg x

    Millie x

  9. haha I love this! Love how positive this is! There are definitely pro's and cons to both. I must admit sometimes I loathe my boobs (like when I have to go running and no sports bra straps me in enough!) but for the most part I do like them. Great post, so glad I found your blog! Holly x

  10. Hahaha this post was a fun read. I have a love hate relationship with my big boobs, but thanks for finding the positive!

  11. Wow! what a great post! this is really nice.

  12. Haha, such a cute post! We definitely need to be proud of our boobs, big or small :) x

    Face to Curls |

  13. loving your view on big boobs! it's fun indeed :D

    Pudding Monster

  14. This was hilarious - I loved it! <3

    -Clarissa @ The View From Here

  15. This was so funny I loved this xxx
    I've recently started a new blog after leaving Kat and Elle and would love for your support xx

    Ella xxx

  16. I loved reading this, put a smile on my face on a bad day!


  17. Loved reading this post! :)


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