Wednesday 8 February 2017

The Beauty Post | Blackhead Charcoal Mask Review

Unless you have been living under a rock the past while, you will know that blackhead remover peel off masks are most definitely a thing, and a thing you probably need in your life. 

Recently I tried out this charcoal face mask from Bang Good and I am completely sold on this whole concept. I think we are all low key obsessed with popping and squeezing blackheads and there is probably nothing more satisfying than peeling off a pore strip. So now take that level of satisfaction and multiply it by ten with this magical little thing. 

The charcoal mask has the same purpose as the usual pore strips that you more than likely have tried using during your adolescence, but without all the fuss of wetting your nose and placing the strip on very strategically. It claims to alleviate oily skin and clogged pores, while leaving your skin with a healthy glow. It can be applied all over your face or just to your problem areas such as the nose and chin, that is up to you. 

To truly put this mask to the test I used it not only on myself but also on my brother and boyfriend.. and it did not fail. I spent a good ten minutes in awe looking at the grossness left on the mask once it was peeled off, and there was a lot. It actually worked so well that my brother asked if he could use it again a week later, which was a bit of a shock when it can be a struggle to get him to wash his face sometimes. 

So, in conclusion, this shit works.
 I am unsure how I have come this far without owning one of these and since giving it a try it will most definitely become one of my skincare staples. Gone be with the days of faffing around with flimsy pore strips, I have found the solution to clearing pores and banishing blackheads. 

Have you tried peel off masks before?

Adele x



  1. I find pore strips unbelievably satisfying so I can only imagine how good this would be!

    Beauty From Katie

  2. I was looking at these masks the other day but I cannot decide which one I want, there are so many brands at the moment. And yes, it is so satisfying to see the results!


  3. I've been looking for a good peel off mask for blackheads recently - this looks like it would be perfect!xx

    Lucy x |

  4. I want to try it so badly. I really need it.

  5. Looks great I might give this a try. I love trying new face masks. Thanks for sharing!

  6. I've seen a lot of reviews on the elizvecca (or however it's spelled) blackhead mask but am hearing of this brand for the first time! I love using those little nose strips and seeing all the gross gunk it pulls out of my skin. It's so satisfying lol. This one sounds awesome and I love that you asked others to test it out too :)

    Mili | Sharmtoaster

  7. Everyones been loving these charcoal masks, I really should get my hands on one! They look so interesting!

  8. Okay I'm definitely going to need to try this! Thanks for sharing your opinions - I've tried so many that don't work so I'll definitely give this a go! :)

    Lois | xx

  9. I love the satisfaction of pulling off a pore strip, this just sounds amazing. I need to try it!

    Courtney x |

  10. I love these blackhead removal masks. They are so good!

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  12. I've been using clay masks in my skincare regimen for the last month, and it has helped reduce blackheads. I've never used peel off masks before, I'll have to try it out oneday.

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  14. it's miles a exceptional product, in particular for the fee. put this black masks on the face, wait approximately 25 mins, whilst it dry, simply peel it off. left my face feeling very clean. right!..

  15. for me and I like it. Also, it says it can remove blackheads but I cant seem to see any black heads on the mask because uhm its black? Haha I'm not sure though
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