Wednesday, 1 February 2017

The Beauty Post | My Boyfriend Guesses Makeup Prices

I have been seeing a lot of these 'boyfriend guesses the price of make up' youtube videos cropping up everywhere and I have to admit I find them so hilarious. It is too amusing to watch boys completely under or over estimate the price of make up and then seeing how shocked they are when they find out the real price. 

So, I thought for something different on my blog I would pick out a few of my favourite make up items and ask my boyfriend, Robby, to guess the prices of them. I chose a selection of both high end and drug store products so that there was some range in the prices. 

Soap and Glory lipstick 
Robby's guess: 
Answer: 12.50

Collection concealer
Robby's guess: 
Answer: 5.79

Naked Palette 
Robby's guess: 23
Answer: 47

Clinique Chubby stick
Robby's guess: 14
Answer: 23

Mary Lou Manizer highlighter
Robby's guess: 25
Answer: 22.45

Benefit They're Real mascara
Robby's guess: 21
Answer: 26

As you can see he surprisingly wasn't too far off with a lot of the prices, which was both simultaneously impressive and concerning to me. I would really like to know why he knows this much about make up prices, because it certainly isn't from buying any for me.

On an end note, When asked what he thinks about the actual prices of the make up he replied "make up is ridiculously over priced" aaand I probably agree but hey ho.

Let me know what you think of this post and if you would like to see any more like it!

Adele x



  1. I can agree with your boyfriend - makeup is so overpriced, but on the other hand - what we can do? Usually when we see all these pretty lipsticks or eye pallets we just have to buy them :D

  2. Good post, have a good day

  3. Very cool selection of products. I can imagine that for a guy to guess the prices of cosmetics is quite impossible. Those videos must be so funny:)

  4. I adore almost all of these brands ** especially theBalm and Benefit!

  5. Its not easy for a guy to guess the prices! great post:)

  6. Nice selection, I like the palette ^^
    P.S. Considering is a man your boyfriend is great...usually they've no idea about cosmetics!!!! Kisses

  7. Fun idea for a post! I always quiz my boyfriend on the prices of makeup, I love seeing his face when I tell him how much I paid for things!!xx

    Lucy x |

  8. Funny post dear,great idea! It is surprising to see that he guessed most of them closely to the real price :)

  9. my boyfriend will totally losing this game. he hates my passion to makeup.

    xo. tthuy | RubyliXious

  10. Such a fun post! it's was kind of funny that he always thought the price was lower haha.

  11. Hi Adele! This is a really fun idea for a blog post! There's so much variation in price with high-end and budget beauty products, even though they often seem quite similar, so I can see why some of the prices came as a surprise to your boyfriend! I enjoyed reading this post and it made me smile.

    Love Saba xx

  12. Wow I don't think he did too badly at all haha!

    Amy -

  13. This post is so fun, all the guesses is mostly wrong XD


  14. Boy did good! Guaranteed my boyfriend wouldn't have a clue!

  15. Fun post idea. My hubby would be completely clueless. He knows nothing about makeup or the price tag that comes with it.

    Ann-Marie |

  16. Guesses weren't too bad! This was interesting to read :)

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