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Girl Talk | Let's Talk About Body Hair

So, I am about to begin my regular rant on why being a girl is damn hard. Grab a drink, we could be here a while.
Okay i'll keep the ranting to a minimum, but in this girl talk post I thought I would talk about body hair- and more specifically body hair on females. I am not going to start the whole debate on whether anyone who identifies as a girl should or should not shave - because although society may say that we do have to be smooth hairless goddesses, we don't, and what you do with your body and the hair on it is your choice. 

For me, I like to remove body hair, and when I say remove I mean majority of the time i'm a bit prickly and couldn't be bothered with the whole shaving malarkey until an event comes along and gives me the incentive to become smooth and hairless. So, realistically I am somewhere in between the shaver/non shaver spectrum. 

If you are a bit like me and enjoy the feeling of being hairless but don't like effort that has to be put into being like that, I introduce to you the 'epilator'. This is a new word in my vocabulary and it may just be for you too. As a part of my girl talk series I am testing out various different devices that aid with being a female, and oh my god I found a good one. The device looks like a normal lady shaver that comes with detachable heads for you to use it in different ways. The head I most often use it for hair removal, and man does the epilator remove dem tings. It works by mechanically grasping multiple hairs and simultaneously pulling them out. Before you go running away at how traumatizing that sounds remember, we are women, we are strong and a little bit of hair being pulled out of our body is no big deal - we push humans out of our special places for god's sake.

So now the important bit, is it painful and does it work? a little and yes! The sensation is somewhat similar to being stung by a bee and is completely bearable. As far as longevity goes, although the hair cell is not removed as it is with waxing, making it not last quite as long as being waxed does, it is still revolutionary. You get about two weeks of smooth legs, armpits and whatever else, which is every lazy girls dream.

If you are someone who chooses to shave this may be an economic and convenient option for you, and I am happy to have been the guinea pig for that. Here is a link to the website I got mine from.

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Happy Sunday!
Adele x


  1. perfect review! i really like the photos :)

    Can we follow each other? follow me and i'll follow you back, i promise!:)
    Bye :)

  2. Great product. I can't stand anything that hurts though so I stick with shaving sticks in the shower.

  3. I have a very low pain threshold so every time I use mine I wonder why, ha! But I do have one of these and I like it lets you be a little lazy as you don't have to shave your legs every day. Great for tired mums like me! Quicker to realise you need to shave your legs and grab the epilator than soap up and get a razor!

    Hope you've had a great weekend!

    Away From The Blue Blog

  4. This is such a lovely article! I don't think I could pull it off myself, but it looks amazing. You will like to see more fashion from here.

  5. Hi Adele. This is a good product review. I would recommend this product to my friends. Thank you for sharing this with us.

    Xeph |

  6. This is a really great review, I've always been too scared to episode because of the pain haha but I love the idea of the hair not growing back super quickly!

  7. I have such a crappy pain threshold, I hate use epilators. They are so painful to me haha!

  8. I've used an epilator from the beginning, but prefer waxing when possible. Awesome review!


  9. My legs/skin are SO sensitive! I am always looking for new products as razors always give me razor burn! I will need to try this! Thank you for your review! xx

  10. having to shave less I AM ALL FOR THAT! I need to look into this!

    Life is just Rosie

  11. I've known a lot of people who uses an epilator, and so far, they're experiences of using it were great. I'd love to try this one out too! :) Btw, if you're looking for dresses you may check out this link: Hope to hear from you soon! x

    Love, Airish
    Gorgeous Glance

  12. I am sort of in between too. I like the feeling of being hairless but I am far too lazy to go through the trouble of shaving. So most of the time I go to a waxing salon (but quite expensive). But I am very much interested in this product. This is definitely more affordable than going to a waxing salon twice a month. :)

    The Pink Lemonade Girl

  13. Sounds interesting! I'd totally try it! I too love the feeling of smooth legs, but hate how much time shaving takes. I could definitely see this being a solution!


  14. Totally agree with you that everyone can decide how much body hair they're comfortable with - though like you, I tend to remove most! It's so interesting to read your thoughts on epilators, as I've been waxing for a few years now and looking at other options now :) Hope you're having a great week!

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice | Worldwide Hotel Chocolat Giveaway x

  15. oh i am totally like you and i love being hairless ! I like your Post everything is so right !

    Love your Blog, i am your new follower from Germany now! :)

    Greatings - Mia -

  16. Ive always been scared of these haha! I want to give them a try though! Thanks for sharing!

    Darriyan xo

  17. It sounds a bit painful haha but I'm willing to give it a try if, 2 weeks without hairs sounds perfect for lazy old me haha!

  18. Great review! I'm using an epilator too when I don't have enough time!

  19. Great post, I have always been fine with shaving but might try an epilator! x

  20. Awesome
    Come to visit me

  21. This is interesting! I've never heard (or read) of anyone using an epilator. I'm personally of the opinion that my body hair is normal, and I rarely shave, but I respect those who prefer to remove it for their own reasons. I've got to look into an epilator a bit more now!

    Amber -

  22. Such a great review! Loved reading it <3

    X Merel

  23. Thanks of sharing this system! I am always looking for new ways to get rid of unwanted hair.

  24. I have been so curious about epilators for the longest time. I want to try one too soon. I currently do waxing (underarm and Brazilian) and shaving (for my legs). But I also had an IPL treatment for my upper lip hair and no regrets.

    At the end of the day though it's our choice what we want to do with our body. We should never let the society dictate us when and where to have hair and have none. There would be times when I'd be lazy as F to get waxed nor shaved, and that's totally fine. Hair is a normal thing and whether we remove it or not is a decision no one else should be doing but ourselves. :)


  25. This device sounds awesome, I need it

  26. I tried everything, wax, epilator, shaving even laser treatments. I am currently using a device from Brown which is great for arms and legs. Great review! x


  27. I swear by my epilator as it's results are much longer lasting than a razor!
    Have a lovely weekend :)
    Rosanna x
    Rose's Rooftop

  28. I have actually considered epilating, partially because like you I am just lazy and I hate shaving. The time it takes and the injuries you accumulate are so not worth it haha. But I do love the feeling of being hairless so this is a dream. Great review, gonna check out some options.
    Kate ||

  29. "A little and yes!"
    :) I have to agree with you!

    Following your lovely blog!

    Kathy's delight / Instagram

  30. If you say that the pain is beareable I would really like to give a try! xxx

  31. Great post, I have always been fine with shaving but might try an epilator, I have been so curious about epilators for the longest time.

  32. I am the BIGGEST wimp when it comes to hair removal. I've tried waxing so many times but I just can't do it. This sounds like it might be a little less painful than waxing and does a much better job than shaving! I might have to check it out :)

    Lindsey Elyse | Sustainably Savvy

  33. Shaving is the worst, I really dislike it but I like having smooth legs... I have bought an epilator as well but I am too scared to try it, haha. I can't bear even the smallest sensation of pain :)

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me


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