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The Life Post | A Basic White Girl's Guide To Unwinding

 Whether you work, run a household or anything else inbetween, most of us encounter stress during everyday life. If you're a student like me your life will be looking a little something like hell right now, as we all know March and April are filled with nothing but deadlines, mental breakdowns and exams. So writing this post probably couldn't have come at a better time. 

Whatever it is that may have you stressed it is important to switch off from whatever that is eventually and these are some of my completely generic ways to relax. Que the common white girl advice.

Cut Off Point
Every evening there must be a cut off point that you establish which separates you from work, whether that be school/college work or your job. There must be a time that that ends and relaxation begins. Not doing so will lead to a sleepless night, resulting in less productivity the following day. 

Okay maybe this should not be on the list, but it is on mine, so don't judge. Nothing calms me down more than one or two (or twenty) squares of chocolate. If you are a chocoholic like me you can relate to the experiencing that feeling of euphoria when eating some chocolate after a stressful day. I recommend always having a stash hidden somewhere for particularly hectic times. With this, you could also try baking. I love melting some chocolate together and making rocky road if I get the chance - it doesn't involve too much messing about and it tastes amazing.

Creating a place of comfort and relaxation is key to being able to feel that way. I tend to light candles and dim the lights in my bedroom to create a stress free area. Meditate or play relaxing sounds while you get ready for bed, do whatever it takes to get you into the zooone.


When I am feeling stressed out it is likely that my skin will tell that tale. Sleepless nights and constant anxiety are part and parcel of being under pressure and this will result in my skin looking dull and spotty, which will only make you feel even worse, leading to more stress - you can see the viscous cycle emerging here. So to eradicate that it is important to pamper yourself, painting your nails and applying a face mask can be all your moral needs for a little boost. On a sidenote, I have been loving this sheet mask from Jivesse.. and can confirm that I am now sheet mask convert!

Reading does not always have to be reading a book. If you are not into literature, read a magazine or blog posts. Whatever it is, reading allows your brain to disconnect from any current worries it is holding and transport to a different stress free land filled with happiness. Maybe that is a bit much, but reading is still fun. 

Hopefully you found these somewhat helpful and didn't fall asleep with how basic this post is. However, stress is a real issue and much like a cut, it must be tended to in order to prevent it from developing into anything bigger. 

Adele x 



  1. Thanks for all these tips. When I'm stressed I try to relax myself reading or cooking!

  2. Chocolate - yupyupyup! *__* I can't liove without chocolate!

  3. great ways to relax ...nice

  4. Great ways to unwind during stressful periods for sure!

  5. nice tips to get relaxing and pampering time!


  6. Love me a good unwinding post, lovely tips x

  7. I really like your tips, especially the last one - you're right, reading can reduce level of stress :) Hope you're having lovely Monday, dear!

  8. Thank you for these tips xx

  9. Chocolate fixes almost everything! HAHA! xx

  10. I have such a hard time figuring out my cutoff point. It seriously is so challenging sometimes and I can really burn myself out because I don't know when to turn it off. If I could, I would probably sleep at 3 am every morning trying to get everything done lol.

    Rina Samantha

  11. Good luck with the exams! :)
    Nice tips to get relaxing!

  12. When I used to eat chocolate, it could make me forget about any stress haha. but I don't eat it anymore.

    Nina's Style Blog

  13. I never have a hidden stash of chocolate as I always find it and eat it - if it's in the house then I will eat it! I've never tried a sheet mask but keep hearing about them, so they're on my list to try.
    Amy at Amy & More

  14. love this post ,and chocolate is always a great idea especially when unwinding xo


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