Sunday 9 April 2017

The Life Post | 5 Things A Wifi Free Weekend Taught Me

As I briefly mentioned in my Galway post, roughly a month ago myself and my boyfriend had a weekend away where we turned our wifi off and locked our phones away in a drawer. Although my boyfriend broke his side of the deal and had a sneaky look on facebook once or twice, I kept up my part and had no access to any internet or social media for the duration of the trip. Through my technology detox I experienced a number of different things and I thought I would share a few of them with you.

Improved Conversation
Not having a phone to look at throughout dinner during the evening meant that myself and my boyfriend actually had to speak to each other (I know, can you believe it!?). Okay that might sound a little dramatic but instead of filling any silences by aimlessly scrolling through my instagram feed, I filled it by asking questions, coming up with conversation and being there in the moment. With this I also looked around and noted the amount of couples sitting around me glued to their phones while they wait for their food to be brought out and this made me a little sad to realise that that is how we usually look. Maybe a no phone at meal time rule needs to be put in place. 

What's the Time?!
Another I learned is that without my phone I literally have no idea what time it is. Through this I also realised that there is a serious lack of clocks in places like restaurants and bars. I know there is a simple solution to this and it is called a watch, but I did not think this through and pretty much spent my entire weekend wondering what time it was. 

Notifications Make Me Anxious
Something I didn't realise before this weekend was that having my phone constantly beside me, buzzing every 10 minutes makes me feel like I am in a constant state of unease. It never really feels like I am completely alone and although some people may feel that this is a good thing I do not. Feeling the constant urge to look at a phone screen to see who liked my new instagram picture is damaging anyone's mental being, and I think realising this is the first step in changing it. 
How It Feels To Be Relaxed 
Through realising that my phone quite often makes me anxious, I learned what it really feels like to be relaxed. While I was away I felt a overwhelming feeling of relaxation and distance from reality for the few days we were there. As soon as I turned my wifi on again when I was back in Dublin I was receiving messages about college work that was due and my feeling of relaxation was suddenly a distant memory. This made me think that maybe turning my phone off for an hour or so every now and again might just do my mental health a great deal of good. 

The epitome of first world problems eh? Basically whenever I needed to know something I actually had to think about it rather than reaching for my smart phone and letting google do the job for me.

Do you often switch off from technology? If so what have you learned from it? 

Adele x



  1. I spent one weekend in a Philippine island not covered by cellular sites and of course, no internet connection as well. I was a little bit worried before the trip because I really thought I can't last a day without checking my social media accounts. I guess I was wrong. I have to agree with you! It gives us total relaxation and more quality time with someone. I think I should try not connecting to internet once in a while.

    Xeph |

  2. Hahaha love these 5 things you pointed out! I also am surprised that you have such a great conversation when you don't have your phone, haha! Thanks for sharing! Xx Susanne -

  3. I never leave my phone and always bring it whenever hahaha
    I will try to off my phone and enjoy my time :)

    thank u for visit my blog.. :))

  4. Interesting. Occasionally, I leave home without my phone and it's a weird feeling. It's always by accident but I have to agree, I pay much less attention to people when I have my phone. I'm oddly connected to it and someone can talk to me and I don't hear them. But worse... I will have conversations with people and not remember what I said because I was more focused on my phone. I know I do it. Now, when I go to lunch or dinner with my family, I leave it in my purse. Great post!

  5. very happens when you miss yiur phone.. my phone is more important to me than my bf..hehhe
    cant live without it...

  6. This was so interesting! I know when I have a few 'wifi free' hours I always feel so much more relaxed and rested x

  7. Such an interesting read. I've found that stopping myself from tweeting every second of my life has really helped with my mental health. I might have to try a wifi free weekend soon..

    Lots of love from Mollie xxx |

  8. I can relate to everything, especially the improved conversations.

    Bernie, xx
    The Style Fanatic

  9. So relatable i have been meaning to turnmmy phone off for a few hours a day but i never get round to it, i always feel like im missing out on something, which is really bad🙈

  10. Lovely post! thanks for sharing
    gros bisous

  11. so great post. Thank God I am not technology addict. I can go out to the city leaving my mobile phone at home. It's great to be focus on "normal" human relations face to face :-)

  12. This really makes me want to have a no technology weekend! Maybe my boyfriend and I can give it a go. xx

    Lucy x |

  13. It's sad how much of an impact technology has on all of us to be honest. Imagine life where we didn't have it, I feel like the majority of us will be happy to not be under so much pressure from phones. Great post x

  14. Great post! I guess it´s important to have time without social media! :)
    Love, Jasmin

  15. This post made me realize I really need a break from my phone. I agree with you when talking about all the anxiety related to it. Sometimes I forget it at home and those are usually my happiest days.

  16. Aww this was such a fun post to read! After reading this, I'd definitely like to try this sometime. Thanks so much for sharing girl :)

    XO Jessi,

  17. Omg this sounds so positive but so hard to do, I can't live without wifi, but after reading this, I will reconsider, thanks for sharing, dear :)

  18. It's so important to switch off everything for a while and enjoy life out of socials and web!
    xx Elisa
    Francine's Place | Diy & Lifestyle Blog

  19. I went on holiday last week and the place I were is disconnected from network,I was obliged to have a WIFI-free week and oooh it really feels different (in a good way),I think I'll do it again from time to time

  20. I've regularly stopped bringing my phone with me during the day (uncommon I know) but it feels so much better! I don't get distracted and I find I can just properly enjoy each situation.

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

  21. Ah, this post inspired me to do the same thing like you. I am always with my phone or gadget all this time ( because of my profession ). But I think you're right, I need to try to stay away from gadget for a while to see what will happen. Thanks for the idea :)



  22. Doing this is such a good idea, it can be really annoying when you go out with a group of people and everyone spends so much time on their phone instead of talking to the people in front of them! It sounds like you did so well!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush♡

  23. Thanks for reminding me that I should switch off from technology and wifi as often as possible! Nowadays some times it's hard even to engage in a deep conversation without being distracted by notifications. I have promised myself to turn off my phone completely one time per week. Now I have it on silent (I can always call someone back) and have disable notifications from my screen. Helps a lot :)
    Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend!

  24. such a great reminder that we all need to do!

  25. Excellent post! :)
    I follow you,please follow me back.

  26. I have tried going without my phone for a day and my wifi for a day. I'm not going to lie, it felt really weird to me. Mainly, for the clock thing you mentioned. I hate watches and I don't really keep clocks in my house, lol. Something people have complained about, but I always have my trust cell phone by my side usually. I do think it's a good idea to unplug every now and then and that it is good for us. Wonderful post! Thanks for sharing :-)

    ~Laurali Star

  27. It's definitely lovely to not have wifi/tech around you for a period of time. It makes you reflect definitely!

  28. I went [almost] wifi free this weekend (mostly just lots of Netflix and almost zero phone use) and it was really refreshing. I also get anxious with notifications and it was nice to have my phone in another room for an entire day to detox and relax. My goal one weekend is to go completely technology free but I'll have to work up to that one!

  29. Great post, Just had a look through your blog. :) I should definitely try and do this one weekend x


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