Sunday 25 January 2015

The Outfit | Eleven

Jumper: Penny's (Primark)
Shorts: Gap (Vintage)
Boots: Penny's (Primark)

How f'ing cute are these shorts?! They're covered in cherries, seriously. I got them for about a tenner from a vintage shop called Shotsy in Temple Bar. I find them a bit hard to style though as I want all of the attention to be on them and their cuteness so I need something neutral on top, this jumper from the boys section in Penny's is perfect, and suitable for all 12 months of the year in Ireland and it's coldness.

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I hope everyone has a lovely week!
Adele x


Wednesday 21 January 2015

One Skirt, two outfits.

Skirt: Asos
Jumper: H&M
Boots: Penny's (Primark)

Skirt: Asos
Shirt: Vintage
Boots: Missguided

Hi my name is Adele and i'm addicted to online shopping.

I recently spent money I don't have and bought this skirt from Asos, and I regret nothing. I was a bit unsure about buying a midi skirt in the fear that it would make me look even tinier than I am, but to my surprise it fits me perfect and I may have accidentally kind of on purpose ordered it in another colour.
 These kind of posts are my favorite, I love showing how you can take one item from a daytime look to night time. 

Adele x

Sunday 18 January 2015

Green tea face toner.

A while ago I thought it would be a great idea to get my life in order and start drinking green tea, shortly after I realized that green tea tastes like absolute shite and I don't care all that much about getting my life in order, so, I searched the wonderful device we call the internet and put my green tea to another good use, this being in the form of a facial toner. 

You will need:
Green tea tea bags 
A lemon
tea tree oil 
An old spray bottle

To make the toner I just take half a cup of green tea cut a lemon in half and add it's juice in and mix in 5 drops of tea tree oil.

This toner is perfect for oily/combination skin prone to break outs. Green tea is said to calm redness and reduce breakouts with it's antibacterial properties. Tea tree oil is also antibacterial, keeping spots and bay and lemon juice helps to reduce the appearance of marks left behind from spots. However, if you have sensitive or dry skin there are many other essential oils you could you as a substitute, such as jasmine and lavender. 

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Adele x

Wednesday 14 January 2015

Battle of the BB creams.

I can't be the only girl in the world who hates the thought of covering my face with a layer of thick foundation on a daily basis. So with this little alternative coming to the forefront of the beauty world 2 or 3 years ago I have been through my fair share of bottles, and so, I thought I would share the best and worst I have tried and tested.

Nivea's BB cream claims to even skin tone, reduce the appearance of pores, brighten the skin, illuminate and protect the skin with SPF 10. However, I feel that the product is completely over hyped on the bottle. Most of the things it claims to do, it does not. I find the colour to be far too dark for my skin tone (even though it's the palest shade) It's consistency is very thick and it tends to stick to places of my face and not to others, which I find really weird and 'blotchy' is definitely a look I don't intend on sporting anytime soon. 
I would give this product 2/10.

Garnier's BB cream claims to simply 'perfect' skin. Although I find it better than Nivea's cream, I still find the colour to be a little dark for my fair skin and the texture a little thick. The cream spreads nicely across my face but can be slightly thicker in some parts which again makes me look a little blotchy in some lighting. 
I would give this product 5.5/10

I decided to keep the best for last, No7's  BB cream claims to give you flawless, healthy looking skin while still looking natural. It also has SPF 15 which is always a winner in my eyes. I feel that this product does exactly what it claims to do. My skin feels soft and natural while looking healthy and blemish free. The only critique I have for this product would be it's colour is still slightly dark for my skin tone, but it's nothing a little pale concealer can't fix. 
I would give this product 8/10.

What BB creams would you recommend? 

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Adele x 


Sunday 11 January 2015

A weekend in Belfast.

This weekend the bf and I had a little weekend getaway in the lovely Belfast. The titanic is something I've been obsessed with from birth basically and I've always wanted the visit the Titanic museum. So finally I got to do so, and it was amazing! Definitely worth the visit if it's something you're thinking about. 

We stayed in the Premier Inn in the Titanic Quarter, nothing too fancy but it was all we needed. The area was nice and all in all we had a grand ol' weekend. 

Adele x

Wednesday 7 January 2015

Nude Lipsticks.

L-R Notting Hill Nude, Pink In The Afternoon, Super Nude. 

Coming from the girl who only started to wear lipstick last year, I have since discovered that investing is a staple nude lipstick is a must in the world of make-up. Pulling any look together without ever appearing over the top, nude lipstick has quickly become my best friend.

I'm forever on the hunt for that perfect nude colour and through trail and error I have rounded up these three gems to blog about.

Kicking off the nude marathon is Soap and Glory's 'Super Nude'. Having only bought it a few weeks ago I struggle to understand how I lived a whole 19 years without it. If you like a matte lipstick, then this is the one for you. With it's incredibly matte appearance it still manages to not be drying and is easily my favourite of the bunch. 

Revlon's 'Pink In The Afternoon' is a little more on the pink side (as it's name suggests) however, I would still classify it as nude. This again is quite matte and I would consider to be a little drying on the lips, so be sure to have vaseline somewhere handy. The colour is gorgeous for us paler gals and it never fails to grab peoples attention. 

And finally we have Rimmel's 'Notting Hill Nude'. This is more of my daily 'go to' lipstick, being the cheapest of the bunch, the quality and longevity isn't as great as the others, however, If you suffer from dry lips this is perfect. I find this lipstick to be very moisturizing, which sometimes can be a little annoying as it can get everywhere. The only downfall I would say this lipstick has is that it is incline to find it's way onto my teeth.. which is never a good look. But all in all it does the job quite nicely.

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Which nude lipstick is your favourite?
Adele x


Sunday 4 January 2015

The Outfit | Ten

Top: Topshop
Skirt: Vintage
Denim shirt: Pennys/Primark
Cardigan: c/o momma's wardrobe
Coat: Urban Outfitters
Shoes: Converse
Hat: Urban Outfitters

It was a 0 makeup kind of day, no hate. 

I'm also now apart of this century and own a smart phone, which means I have instagram resulting in a lot of pointless pictures. So if pointless pictures are your cup of tea.. give me a follow 'adeleminer'.

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I hope everyone had a lovely New Year and weekend.
Adele x

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