Friday 22 June 2018

The Fashion Post | The One Where I Get it Very Wrong

Believe it or not, I have these photographs saved onto my laptop for quite some time. For a number of months actually. I have been cautious about putting together a post with them for the sheer reason that I got this outfit wrong. So very very wrong. 

At first glance you may not notice, in fact, the outfit from the waist up is perfectly fine, that colour combo kiiills me. But, as you scroll your eyes down to the lower half of my outfit, this is where the problems begin to arise. 

For some unbeknown reason, I decided to team these wide-leg palazzo trousers with a pair of sliders. What on earth was I thinking?! Anyone who knows anything about fashion knows that rule number one of is to always wear a heel with wide leg trousers to stretch out the material of the trouser and elongate the leg. Otherwise, you will end up being swamped by the trouser and well, looking like how I do below basically. Not a good look. 

Trousers: Asos Shirt: Asos (Similar) Shoes: Penneys/Primark

I did initially think about turning this post into an 'everybody makes mistakes' 'nobody's perfect, we all have our flaws' kind of post but let's be real, the world of social media is oversaturated with that crap already, almost as oversaturated as my body is by those trousers in these pictures, cries*. 

I wanted to share the pictures because I actually quite love the colour combinations in them, and the location we took them is one of my favourite places in Dublin. I mean just look at that view. 

So, instead of banging on about how I made a mistake but that's just because 'I'm so real, lol'. Let me skip straight to the point and turn this negative into a positive by highlighting my error in order to ensure that you never end up making the same mistake and looking as boxy and disproportionate as me. 
So yeah, I did it for you. You're welcome. 

Adele x

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