Monday 30 October 2017

The Fashion Post | A Festive Mick Jagger

It would appear that flares are becoming a common theme in my outfit posts, and I ain't complainin'. The 70s is having it's moment in fashion right now and all I want to do is bathe myself in a sea of florals and flares. Harry Styles, let me be you. 

I call the jacket, the marmite jacket, because you either love it, or hate it. In real life it is a lot more sparkly than it appears in these pictures. It has a sort of Mick Jagger at Christmas-esque vibe to it, and clearly I am a fan of a festive Jagger. 
Crop Top: Romwe | Trousers: Shein | Coat: Shein | Boots: Office (similar)

I'll keep this post short and sweet. Because let's be honest, no one ever really reads the writing on an outfit post anyway.  

Until the next post. 

Adele x

Sunday 1 October 2017

The Life Post | If We Were Honest About Our Instagram Captions

With social media as popular today as it has ever been, it is no secret that we only present the very best version of ourselves when using it. I'll save you the whole 'we're all different people offline, no one is perfect' speech and skip right to the point of this post. 

I wanted to share with you a few of my holiday snaps from over the Summer accompanied by both an instagram appropriate caption. One that creates the illusion that I am the perfect person, with the perfect life and I most definitely have my shit together. The other caption would be the one I would post if I were to be completely honest about my pictures and the events that took place surrounding them. This one shatters the illusion that I am the perfect person, with the perfect life and I most definitely do not have my shit together. 

Instagram Caption: 'Drinking wine while watching the sun set, perfecto.'
Real Life Caption: 'Feeling a little tipsy before dinner drinking the wine we were given for free from the hotel because the pool turned us green.'

Instagram Caption: 'Bikinis, sun and ice cream, i'm never coming home' 
Real Life Caption: 'I paid 3 euro for this Cornetto and it melted down my arm because it was so hot' 

Instagram Caption: 'The best pizza in the world'
Real life Caption: 'I completely made the wrong choice when ordering my Pizza. Actually ended up eating most of my boyfriends and if the truth be known we would both had rather been eating a Domino's from back home.' 

Instagram Caption: 'Spent the day exploring the Island of Capri and all of it's hidden grottoes.' 
Real Life Caption: 'Took a boat trip with 10 strangers to Capri, my nose got sun burnt and it's grottoes were completely anticlimactic.'

Instagram Caption: 'Spending my day lounging by the pool.'
Real Life Caption: 'Spent the day sweating by the pool, the chlorine turned these white bikini bottoms green and I got into an argument with the hotel staff about it.' 

Instagram Caption: 'Waking up to this view everyday is perfect.'
Real Life Caption: 'Arriving to our hotel room and realising that instead of a balcony we have this tiny window was disappointing to say the least.' 

Instagram Caption: 'Wearing my favourite bikini!'
Real Life Caption: 'I wore this bikini purely for the picture, I changed into something much more comfortable straight after.' 

So there you have it. The illusion of my perfect life has now been entirely ruined. But that's okay. Because that is real life, and if everyone were more honest on social media maybe it would eliminate a lot of the pressure and competition that surrounds it. So if it takes me talking about my green hair and shit pizza's to get the ball rolling, then so be it.

Adele x

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