Friday 22 June 2018

The Fashion Post | The One Where I Get it Very Wrong

Believe it or not, I have these photographs saved onto my laptop for quite some time. For a number of months actually. I have been cautious about putting together a post with them for the sheer reason that I got this outfit wrong. So very very wrong. 

At first glance you may not notice, in fact, the outfit from the waist up is perfectly fine, that colour combo kiiills me. But, as you scroll your eyes down to the lower half of my outfit, this is where the problems begin to arise. 

For some unbeknown reason, I decided to team these wide-leg palazzo trousers with a pair of sliders. What on earth was I thinking?! Anyone who knows anything about fashion knows that rule number one of is to always wear a heel with wide leg trousers to stretch out the material of the trouser and elongate the leg. Otherwise, you will end up being swamped by the trouser and well, looking like how I do below basically. Not a good look. 

Trousers: Asos Shirt: Asos (Similar) Shoes: Penneys/Primark

I did initially think about turning this post into an 'everybody makes mistakes' 'nobody's perfect, we all have our flaws' kind of post but let's be real, the world of social media is oversaturated with that crap already, almost as oversaturated as my body is by those trousers in these pictures, cries*. 

I wanted to share the pictures because I actually quite love the colour combinations in them, and the location we took them is one of my favourite places in Dublin. I mean just look at that view. 

So, instead of banging on about how I made a mistake but that's just because 'I'm so real, lol'. Let me skip straight to the point and turn this negative into a positive by highlighting my error in order to ensure that you never end up making the same mistake and looking as boxy and disproportionate as me. 
So yeah, I did it for you. You're welcome. 

Adele x


Thursday 10 May 2018

The Fashion Post | My Wardrobe Must Haves and Current Trends

On the whole, I aim to steer clear of wardrobe staples and must-haves. Although I see the logic in investing in pieces like a black dress or leather jacket which will see you through decades, I am a trends girl through and through. I would much rather spend my money on a colourful fad piece which will hang in my wardrobe for probably less than a year. Wow Adele, totally makes sense eh?

Looking through these outfit pictures I realised that each item I am wearing falls into the category of 'wardrobe must-haves' or at least, my wardrobe must-haves. So, please, allow me to talk ya through them.

On Trend Jeans 

Fashion trends come and go, but denim, denim always remains. Each season appears to bring in a new adaptation of the trusty old jean. Last season it was all about the straight leg jean, for SS18 it is all about the flare.

 As a girl who is not a fan of the classic skinny jean but is a lover of all things retro, the flared jean is a winner for me. Whether you are playing it safe with a kick flare or going all out with an exaggerated wide leg trouser, this trend is one which I am hoping will stick around. I picked up these babies from Asos around September of last year, and I have been wearing them religiously since.

Statement Coats 

Nothing spices up an outfit quite like a statement coat/jacket, which is perfect, because in Ireland, we be needin' them layers. Now I fully understand that this Topshop coat is a fad if I have ever seen one, but that did not deter me from marching up to that counter, debit card in hand to buy it.

 As I have already said, I am a sucker for all things colourful and retro, so this 60s silhouette combined with bubblegum pink had me at hello. Even if I will look back on the silliness of it in 2 years time and think 'What was I wearing?!'. 

The Turtleneck 

The turtleneck appears to be the most sensible choice from my must-have picks. A strong staple in my wardrobe for some years now, I have accumulated a number of colourful turtlenecks throughout my lifetime. This little white number from Shein is perfect for those days when I am feeling a little pale and don't want to get any skin out, while adding a little Scandinavian chic to my outfit (is Scandinavian chic a thing? Well I'm making it one).

Aaanyways, you will be sure to see me rocking turtlenecks for some time to come, it is probably about the only item in my wardrobe that will stand the test of time.

Let me know your wardrobe must-haves in the comments!

Adele x

Friday 27 April 2018

Girl Talk | Hi, I'm Adele, and I'm a Tanorexic

Writing this post has been lurking at the back of my mind for quite some time now. Weeks in fact. I have been putting it off for so long, mostly for fear that I wouldn't do myself justice with it. I have an idea in my head of how I want this post to come off as all quirky and creative and oh I just threw this together but it actually has a witty but thought-provoking message behind it. But creative ideas do not appear to be flowing and that just does not seem to be happening for me. 

Originally, this post was meant to be a review of this Conscience Clear vegan tanner (which is totally amazing by the way, 10/10, would recommend) but, thinking about tan and being a bronzey bitch, in general, got me thinking, why do I do this tho? 

A number of factors spring to mind when I think about this, society, beauty standards, the classic "oh it makes me look more toned" response, but how did lathering on a layer of this brown stuff become the new normal? and on a more personal note, how did it become so important to me?

I sometimes like to pride myself on the fact that I am not the kind of person who needs a full face of makeup on to leave the house. In fact, I rarely ever wear makeup. But I do wear fake tan, I wear it all.the.time. Because quite frankly, without it I lack confidence. And this is not an, oh feel sorry for me and give me compliments post, oh no, this is a what the hell is wrong with me and please tell me I am not alone kind of post. Without this little layer of fake tan, no matter how dark or light it may be, I do not quite feel myself. Is trans-skin tone a thing? Because I think I have that. 

When Dublin was hit with a mini heat-wave last weekend, I found myself frantically applying Sally Hansen to my legs two hours before my shift so that I could wear a dress to work. As funny as that mental image is, it is also quite sad. To think that I would so desperately feel the need to transform my legs into two little cheesy puffs, rather than spare myself the time and energy and just go au natural. 

While many people turn to make up for a little bit of self-confidence, I turn to fake tan. While I love pale skin on other people, I simply can't stand it on myself. I would rather walk around with a bad fake tan job, looking like a piece of streaky bacon, than don my natural skin tone. Which just brings my attention to how bad this addiction has become - sign me up for that newsletter because I am a fully fledged member of tanorexics anonymous. 

Admittedly I am probably going to lather my entire body in some Garnier Summer body lotion straight after writing this. So, in no way am I going to try and convince you to ditch the fake tan all in the name of self-love. Because life is all about doing what makes you happy - and for me, fake tan brings me more happiness than chocolate and puppies (well not quite, but you know what I mean). But maybe it is time to not panic so much if I don't have a fresh layer of tan on and the weather suddenly rises above 15 degrees, and to start embracing my natural skin tone just the odd time, you know, baby steps.  

Adele x


Thursday 1 March 2018

The Fashion Post | Keeping Warm With The Teddy Coat

Who else is experiencing storm Emma right now? Here in Dublin, the city is currently on lockdown, waiting the arrival of a blizzard later on this afternoon. Curled up with a fluffy blanket on the sofa, I thought what better time to write a new blog post about the art of wrapping up. And trust me, it is an art form.

I know I can't be the only girl who finds it painfully hard to keep warm and still look presentable. However, the invention of the 'teddy coat' is making that challenge a lot easier. To be honest, I'm not entirely sure how I survived Winters prior to owning this coat. 

You have probably seen this little missguided number plastered all over Instagram (I swear I can't leave my house without seeing at least one other girl wearing it), but I just could not resist getting one for myself.  Not only is it easy to throw on over any outfit, it also keeps me really warm, which is necessary for 9am college lectures. 

Pairing it up with an oversized jumper and a comfortable pair of trousers is my favourite way to style the Teddy Coat. This seems to be becoming my uniform, something which I am certain you will be seeing more of on my page. But you can't really beat comfort, warmth, and style, can you? 

| Jacket: Missguided | Trousers: Topshop (Similar) | Jumper: Penneys/Primark (Similar) | 

Well, that's it from me. 

I hope you are all staying safe and warm if the Beast from the East is affecting you. I know I will be staying put on this sofa for another day or two. 

Until next time my lovelies! 

Adele x

Wednesday 24 January 2018

The Life Post | Ya Girl Is Back! Ft. Disposables From 2017

You've guessed it, as the title may suggest, ya girl, Adele is back! Having fallen slightly (okay, massively) off the blogging bandwagon halfway through 2017, I have made it my mission to not allow this to happen again in 2018.

 While it would be foolish to set myself unrealistic expectations, like having a new post up three times a week, I think a new post every week or so would be a nice way to ease myself back in. While I have found it difficult to find both the time and motivation to create blog content in recent months, I have continually felt as though something has been missing, and getting back into my blog seems to be the missing piece that completes the puzzle. 

My blogging mojo has been absent for quite some time now, and what better time for it to show up again then at the beginning of a new year. New year, new me, you know how it goes xo.

Above are some of my favourite disposable snaps that I took over the course of last year. With lots of happy memories of gigs, holidays and of course the first few months with our pretty little puppy, Ringo. 

A very Happy (and belated) New Year to all my lovely readers. Here is hoping for a content and productive 2018.

Adele x

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