Wednesday 30 March 2016

Instagram Roundup | March

Another month, another instagram roundup. I could speak about how once again the month went in so fast but I won't, instead I would like to make a point of how unjust and annoyed I am at this change instagram plans to make on the order of how content will now be showed. It feels as though ordinary people like myself no longer have the opportunity to share content and promote whatever it is they do in a fair way. And as I don't exactly fall under the 'popular' category it's unlikely that my content will any longer have the opportunity to flourish. Who does instagram think they are to choose what content we can and cannot see based around what they deem to be worthy enough. I'm not sure when this idea is planned to be put in place but all I can hope is that if and when it is, it doesn't last very long.

Anyway, rant over. I hope everyone is having a lovely week! 


Adele x

Saturday 26 March 2016

The Life Post | Ten Reasons Why You Should Love Your Small Boobs

Coming from someone with small boobs I can sometimes feel a little down about my em lack of 'lady lumps' and having it pointed out by other people that they are small (as if I didn't know) can get a little annoying, but as I get older I realize that actually, having small boobs isn't so bad at all, and if like me you need a little reassuring from time to time on why exactly that is, here is a list of why your small boobies are the bomb!

Lace, mesh, crochet, we have the gift of being able to cover up our nips with the prettiest and most delicate of materials while still having adequate support, horrah! 

No Bra 
I can go bra-less wherever and whenever I feel like it, If I have a dress or top that requires me to not wear a bra I don't have to worry about being supported or falling out anywhere, these babies are perk and proud all by themselves. 

Back Pain
Back pain? What even is that? I don't know because I have tiny boobs! 

With little boobs there is no need to go out and spend a small fortune on a sports bra, I can just wear any old bra or even none at all and run and jump around as much as I want without any trouble at all. 

Push up Bras
You have the option to have small and big boobs whenever you want. Push up bras were made for a reason, and if you have a certain dress that requires some cleavage pop one on and there you go, magic boobies! 

Better Sex 
Now i'm not entirely sure how true this one is, but it is apparently a scientific fact that women with a smaller chest have better sex. Something got to do with there being less fat so it is easier to stimulate, sounds good to me anyway!

Nope, none of that for you. Small boobs don't really have anywhere to go so being perk is their only option, how wonderful.

Intelligent Men Love you
Another scientific fact is that men with a lower IQ tend to be attracted to women with large breasts. Again how true this is I don't know, but for me intelligence is a big factor when it comes to being compatible with someone, so no stupid boys for me! 

You Look Younger
While you're young all you want is big boobs to make you look older, but, fear not, when you are at an age where you want to look younger you will be more than grateful for your little friends. Since bigger breasts sag over time signaling that you are older, having the perkiest of titties will conceal your real age perfectly.

They Prevent Breast Cancer
I think this is the most important point of all, if there is no other reason for you to love your small boobs then this is the one to convince you. It is easier to detect a lump with smaller boobs in self-exams because there are fewer layers to feel through. How amazing is that.

So hopefully this empowered a few women out there, your boobs are wonderful big or small and behind them is a list much bigger than this explaining exactly why. And just for the record in no way do I mean to offend anyone with big boobs, they are perfectly lovely too and you have your own list of reasons why they are great, yay all boobs!

Have a lovely weekend!

Adele x


Saturday 19 March 2016

The Outfit Post | Dressing For a Wedding

With the peak of the wedding season well and truly upon us, wedding fashion is something that for me, is probably the most important part of a wedding (you know minus the whole marrying your soul mate thing). The first thing that crops to mind with wedding fashion is of course the brides dress along with the bridesmaids, the mother of the bride etc. With all that hype surrounding what the women wear, the boys can become overshadowed and somewhat forgotten about. So in light of this I have teamed up with T.M Lewin to showcase some of their collection that I feel would be perfect for a spring/summer wedding, whether you're the groom, best man or just a guest, T.M Lewin have something for you. 

I decided to go with a classic grey suit, this can range anywhere from charcoal to light grey, depending on your preferences. By playing it safe with a grey colored suit you can have fun and play around with different prints and textures of your tie, socks and other accessories. I am in love with the paisley tie I have included in my mood board, I feel a striking tie really pulls the whole look together, and either makes or breaks the outfit. I also went with an eye catching multicolored pair of socks to bring a little fun to the look since the suit itself is quite paired back. 

Along with this I have put together a list of my dos and don'ts when dressing for a wedding.


Play it safe
If you're wearing a grey or black suit, don't pair it with a pair of black shoes, socks and a black tie. It's okay to not play by the rules sometimes and a wedding is the perfect opportunity to play around with different looks, even if it's just a plain red or green tie, it will pull everything together and it will be obvious you made the effort.

Wear White Socks
What is it with boys and white socks? Whatever you do, no matter what colour your suit is, white socks are a no go. Not only do they scream 'I couldn't be arsed' they look pretty awful with a dark suit and shoes, so just save yourself the embarrassment and invest in some different coloured socks. 

Upstage the bride/groom
I encourage playing a little outside the box when it comes to picking out a suit. But, if it isn't your wedding, don't show up in a hot pink suit and take all of the lime light. Experiment to a certain extent but keep in mind that it isn't your day just yet. 


Co-ordinate With Your Date
If you are bringing a date along with you, ask them what colour they are wearing. You don't have to buy accessories the same colour as her dress but, if she is planning on wearing red shoes and a red bag then you could match that with a red tie and socks. Investing in a few pieces like the tie above is perfect because there are so many colours in it, it is easy to match up with your date whatever colour they are wearing. The attention to small details like this pay off.

If you're going shopping for a suit, don't just grab the first suit you see try it on and buy it. Go in with an open mind and try on lots of different colours, styles and textures, even if you don't think they will suit you, you could end up pleasantly surprised.

Re wear
Just because you have worn a suit once doesn't mean you have to go out and buy a new one straight away for the next occasion. Suits can be quite pricey, so it is most definitely worth your while investing in some different shirts, ties, shoes and other accessories so you can switch up and change your suit whenever you so please. 

What are your do's and don'ts when it comes to wedding outfits? Girls, I would love to hear your opinions too! 

Adele x


Saturday 12 March 2016

The Review | The Body Shop's Vitamin E Eye Cream

Having turned 20 not so long (or kind of long) ago, I made a promise to myself to start establishing a better skincare routine so that by the time i'm 30 my skin look as youthful as ever, and as most people probably know it is believed that the key to that youthful looking skin is a good eye cream (and spf but that is a whole different ball game). So with that I purchased this little thing, The Body Shop's Vitamin E cream.

What drew me to this product was the idea that it claims to reduce the appearance of dark circles, along with fine lines and puffiness. I have struggled with dark circles almost all of my life, no matter how much sleep I get or water I drink I always have them and I have had to accept the fact that they are here to stay. So anything that claims to reduce the appearance of them I am more than willing to try.

So did it work? Yes, it makes a difference but it is not miracle worker. For 13 euro I of course wasn't expecting my dark circles to completely vanish, but I am happy with the slight difference it has made to them. The area around my eyes seems to be more hydrated and with that plumper so the darkness is slightly less noticeable. I have also noticed that having used this the night before, my make up goes on easier around my eyes and it hardly creases throughout the day. I will definitely continue to use this product, but I think I will keep a look out for any other creams that could give me better results. However, having purchased this I can now confirm that I am an eye cream convert and for anyone looking for an affordable cream that does the job I would recommend trying this, or any of the other eye creams available in The Body Shop that may tailor to your needs a little better.

Has anyone tried this or a similar eye cream before? I would love to hear your thoughts! 

Adele x

Tuesday 8 March 2016

The Outfit Post | The Weekend Layouts

Jumper: Penneys / Primark
Jeans: American Apparel 
Shoes: Penneys / Primark
Bralet: Forever21 

Top: Zara
Skirt: Asos
Shoes: New Look

A little different kind of outfit post from me today. Sometimes it gets a little boring for me to take pictures of me wearing outfits and post them, it's interesting to see them in a different kind of light, laid out flat playing around with different angles. 

These two outfits I wore over the weekend. Granted I added some extra layers like tights and cardigans but there is no way of nicely photographing a scrunched up pair of 100 dernier tights. The first outfit is really casual and practical, keeps me warm and looks quite put together. The second is a little fancier, still comfortable but it's something I would get away with wearing if I was doing anything more than lazing around on the sofa or going to the shops. 

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend! 

Adele x

Saturday 5 March 2016

Fashion Week Trends

Unless you've been living under a rock, you will know that London Fashion Week has recently took place, with it now over I thought a post on my favourite catwalk trends, both past and present should swiftly follow. I love stalking instagram and pinterest and predicting the trends I think will withstand the test of time. Following bloggers such as beauty crush's Samantha and Natasha Oakley on snapchat I felt like I was well and truly there and in on the action.. maybe some day I will be for real, eh?


Between sequin slips and metallic blazers, the catwalk was set alight with all things sparkly. We've seen this trend before with metallic heels and bags being very popular as of recent and Christmas being the season to don your favourite glitter frock, and it looks as though it is here to stay. Not only do I predict that it is here to stay but I imagine that things can only get brighter with more than just accessories making the cut, before we know it we will all be walking around as glittery disco balls all year round.. hurrah! 


 Yellow for me is somewhat of the forgotten, disregarded colour of colour world. With everyone constantly obsessing over black, nudes and greys yellow rarely gets a look in. So nothing makes me happier than to see it painted across the catwalk. You can't help but feel happy looking at it and with it suiting every skin tone and hair colour there is no reason for it not to start making it's way into the highstreet.

Off the Shoulder

Off the shoulder, or the 'bardot' style as it is commonly referred to as, for me, is one trend I will never tire of. It is something that is so easy to pull off, you don't need to be a certain height or weight.. once you have shoulders you're good to go. For some reason the style reminds me of Summer and being on holidays which is a bitter / sweet feeling, but it is nice to know that I can throw on an off the shoulder top or dress in the middle of winter and instantly have my mood lifted.


A couple of years ago Gucci showcased their amazing fall/winter wardrobe and it was an androgynous haven.  I am obsessed with the androgynous look, brogues, blazers and structured trousers are staple pieces in my wardrobe. In a weird way I find it somewhat empowering to wear whatever I want, regardless of the sex it was originally intended to be worn by. Again, I feel that it is a timeless look that is sure to withstand the test of time.

What are your favourite catwalk looks?

Adele x
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