Wednesday 29 June 2016

Instagram Roundup | June

It's the end of June, which means that it is half way through the year, which means I am on the verge of a mental break down because my mind was not prepared for this. In just a few months it will be Christmas all over again and this is just too much for me. 

But anyway back to June, my blog and instagram has grown so much over the past while and I am so grateful. I am getting the opportunity to work with so many great brands and making friends with new followers each day. So I just wanted to say a little thank you to everyone, it means the world to me. 

If you don't already follow me on instagram.. do so! 

Until next month! 

Adele x

Monday 27 June 2016

The Beauty Post | A go-to Product - St. Ives Apricot Scrub

We all have our go to products, ones that we use on a regular if not daily basis and always find ourselves re purchasing when it has run out. St Ives scrub is just that for me, and has been my ultimate skin saver for the past 7 years.

 I discovered it when I first got into skincare when I was about 13 and I can safely say that it is the only skin care product that I have stuck with. When it comes to moisturizers, cleansers and masks I am constantly on the look out for the perfect one for me and through the years I have had my fair share of trial and errors, but, my go to scrub will always have my back.

The scrub caters for different skin types, the one I use is for oily/blemish prone skin as that suits me best. It claims to deep cleanse your skin leaving it smooth and glowing. And it most definitely does just that. I use the scrub usually twice a week or whenever my skin is breaking out or looking a little dull and it is sure to clear it up whilst giving it a boost.

On top of the product itself being wonderful it is made from completely natural exfoliants and it also has an amazing fresh smell. Think apricots, as the name might suggest. What's not to love? Never will I stray from this little gem, as long as shops keep stocking it I will keep buying it. 

What's your go-to scrub? Have you tried St. Ives before?

I hope you're having a lovely day

Adele x


Thursday 23 June 2016

The Fashion Post | Summer Inspiration with Esprit

I'm not quite sure what it is about the Summer months that make me want to go on a shopping spree. But each year June comes around and I suddenly find myself browsing online for new clothes that I probably don't need but most definitely want. Maybe it is the thought of wanting some new bits for when I go on holiday or wanting to look exactly like Vanessa Hudgens at any festivals I have lined up.. i'm not sure. Either way it is a yearly tradition that I am more than willing to embrace. 

While browsing on Esprit the other day it suddenly hit me, why haven't I made a post on this before? Most people go on holiday, go to festivals and enjoy the sunshine at home each Summer so why not come up with a post of some outfit inspirations for different events over the Summer period. Whether it's off into the sunshine you're jetting to or heading to the beach at home, I got ya back. 

Starting off, festival fashion is probably my favourite of the three but admittedly, it can be quite difficult to get right. Sometimes it is hard to find the right balance between being comfortable and weather appropriate while staying true to your style and looking good. So I put these outfits together to try and give an idea of the different kind of looks you could go for while still being comfortable. If you're heading to a festival in a colder country you could throw a rain jacket over either and you're good to go. If it's one thing i've learned from the festivals I have been to it's that layering is your best friend. 

One thing I definitely struggle with is striking up the right balance between practical and stylish when it comes to travelling. If you are travelling to a hot country from a colder one it can be particularly hard to choose an outfit that will keep you both warm on the journey and cool when you arrive at your destination. For me, Esprit have the perfect staple pieces on their website that are easily styled up with bits you more than likely already have in your wardrobe. The best advice I can give for airport dressing is to keep it simple, by not going overboard with make up or accessories you will always be comfortable.

Whether you are poolside on holidays or heading to the beach, trying to remember to pack everything like beach towels and sunglasses, making snacks to bring along and slathering on layers of factor 50 in between all of that, it can be impossible to even attempt to look cute. But, by buying some small pieces for your wardrobe in the lead up to Summer, looking pretty is one thing you can tick off your list. By investing in items like the skirt and trousers above you will also save yourself from over packing, both items are perfect to throw on over a swimsuit to bring a look together and can then be styled entirely different to wear out for dinner that night. If that's not logical thinking I don't know what is! 

If you're looking to pick up a few pieces for your holidays, a summer event or just wanting to treat yourself, have a look on the Esprit website here. Hopefully this post has given you a little helping hand to put some looks together yourself .

I hope everyone is having a lovely day! 
Adele x

Monday 20 June 2016

The Fashion Post | My Swimwear Collection

Summer is without a doubt my favourite time of year. When it is not summer I am dreaming of it, sometimes the only thing that can get me through a cold Winter's day is coming home and shopping online for holiday pieces. So as you can imagine throughout the course of the year I have accumulated quite a few bits, mostly bikinis and swimsuits, and since summer holidays are just around the corner for most of us I thought I would make a post sharing my favourite pieces. 

Bikini: Boohoo 

I picked this bikini up on Boohoo a couple of months ago and I am in love with it. The top is ever so slightly small for me but I can work with it. The cute ruffles on the shoulders is what initially drew me to it and I feel that with a tan the white colour will really pop. 

 Bikini: Boohoo 

The same time I got my white one above on Booho I ordered this bikini too. If anyone else is obsessed like me with the girls over on A Bikini A Day you might have seen Tash Oakley in an amazing orange bikini. Since then I have been lusting after one for myself. I chose this one because I don't have any swimwear that is strapless, and when you are trying to tan on holidays straps are an absolute nightmare. So this will be my tanning bikini, practical with the added bonus that it is ridiculously cute. 

 Swimsuit: Asos 
This swimsuit I nabbed last year on Asos in the sale. The only swimsuit I own, the colour is as vibrant in real life as it is in these pictures. I just love the shape and style of it, but it unfortunately has a downside, it is not very practical. Perfect for maybe a pool party or boat trip but definitely not for swimming or any other kind of physical activity. Because the fit is so perfect there is little room to move around in. At one point last year I jumped into the ocean in it and there was nip slips.. lots of them. Not too great at holding in the gals but it looks cute in pictures so I am happy enough with that.

 Bikini: Forever21 
I think every woman needs to own a practical bikini, you know, one that isn't the cutest or sexiest, it isn't embellished with rhinestones or covered in cut out details. It is simple, flattering and most importantly does the job. This Forever21 red bikini is that for me. Whenever I am going swimming at home or if I am off to a waterpark on holidays this is the bikini I turn to. It both suits my body and holds me in perfectly, there is little to no fear of anything slipping out or riding up, perfect for those days when you just want to enjoy yourself and not worry about how you look.

Bikini: Asos 
Finally, I saved my favourite for last. I bought this crochet bikini a few months ago from Asos and I am so excited to wear it this summer. The colour is so unusual and I think it would suit every kind of person's colouring. The crochet detail is the cutest part about it and if like me you have a petite body shape this style of bikini is perfect for you. 

Now that I have my holiday bikinis ticked off my list all I need now is the body to match, i'll get there eventually! 

Have you made any swimwear purchases for the summer yet?
Adele x


Wednesday 15 June 2016

The Beauty Post | Am/Pm Beauty Tag

While reading through other people's posts I came across this little tag and I thought it could be fun if I did it too. So technically no one tagged me in it and i'm tagging myself, pretty sad, I know. 

What is your morning beauty routine?
Depending on what kind of day it is, on mornings when i'm in college or up early I rarely have time to pamper myself too much, so I usually quickly spritz my face with a toner, apply some sunscreen and concealer and i'm good to go. Other days when I have the time I give my skin a little more tlc with a face wash and primer. 

What's for breakfast?
Usually something different everyday, depending on my mood I might have weeatabix and fruit, some days porridge, other days egg and toast.. I could go on listing really boring generic breakfasts but I won't.

Coffee or Tea?
Neither, I pretty much just drink water. 

How long does it take you to get out the door?
Half an hour when it's early and i'm in a rush. If I want to put on make up and actually look presentable it would take about an hour. 

What's your go to make-up look on a fuss free morning?
Well on a fuss free morning I usually just put on some concealer, curl my eyelashes, set my eyebrows in place with clear mascara and that is it. Anything else is far too much of an effort.

What is your evening routine?
I usually clean my face with a cleanser, tone and moisturize, pop on some eye cream and depending on what state my skin is in apply some spot cream.

Snack time! What's in the bowl?
Chocolate. Always always chocolate. 

How do you wind down and prep for bed?
I don't have a great routine when it comes to bed time. I'm definitely more of a night owl so I usually stay up quite late on my phone or laptop, watching tv.. basically doing all of the things that have been proven you shouldn't do before going asleep. 

Cozy up! What are you wearing for sleep?
In the Summer I usually wear shorts and an oversized top, generally one I 'borrowed' from my boyfriend and never gave back. In the Winter I will wear the fluffiest coziest pajamas I can find, usually very unattractive but always very comfortable. 

What are some things you must do before you hit the hay?
I will always tie my hair up and brush my teeth. If I have plans for the next day I will plan what outfit to wear. And before finally going asleep I will have one last look on all of my social media. 

So since I wasn't actually tagged to do this I am going to tag anyone else who reads this and fancies making a post of it, and don't forget to leave me a link in the comments so I can read them all! 

Adele x


Saturday 11 June 2016

The Fashion Post | Orange Cami Dress

 Dress: Missguided 
Crop Top: Pretty Little Thing 
Shoes: Primark 

This dress has Summer written all over it. Worn on it's own with a cute pair of heels or dressed down with a crop top underneath and flats it is quite versatile. I'm patiently waiting for the perfect occasion to wear it, but until then dancing around in it for outfit pictures will have to suffice. Also, I clearly have a habit of touching my hair because I am doing it in nearly every one of these pictures, *note to self* Stop.

Happy Saturday!

Adele x


Wednesday 8 June 2016

The Fashion Post | Brablems with ThirdLove

Any woman interested in fashion will know that possibly the most important aspect of any outfit is underwear, and in particular bras. For as long as women have been wearing bras, bra problems or 'brablems' have plagued us. Between straps being too tight or too lose, bands riding up and the dreaded quad boob, women's lives are hard enough without having these extra worries. 

But never fear, ThirdLove is here to help with all of those pesky bra issues. 

Beginning with how to put on a bra. To a lot of people it may seem like common sense but you won't believe how many of us don't do it the correct way, including myself. Above you can see a little demonstration of how a bra is to be put on correctly, something you may want to bear in mind the next time you are getting dressed, it can make the world of difference. 

Band riding up your back, I have definitely experienced this and there is nothing more annoying. The cause? Your bra does not fit you, the solution? Finding a bra that does fit you, yes it's that simple.

Straps.. possibly the most annoying part of wearing a bra. With small boobs my straps always seem to be slipping down, and why I try and fix it by tightening them they're too tight and dig into me, the struggle! ThirdLove have saved the day once again with their tips above. 

Bands and straps aside, the cups can also cause big problems. I'm sure you bigger busted ladies are familiar with the above woes. Have a read through them and figure out what exactly the problem and solution is.

The final brablem is cup gaping. And yep I am definitely familiar with this one too. Nothing is more disheartening than buying a pretty new bra and getting home to realize that you don't fit into it. Again ThirdLove have provided us with some really great tips to ensure this is never a problem in your life again.. hoorah!

If you experience any of these problems I would suggest firstly getting a bra fitting, they are usually free and of great benefit, you can get one in places such and Marks and Spencers and Debenhams. ThirdLove also have a very helpful size chart which is perfect to refer back to when unsure about sizes. 

If you are on the look out for bras that are both attractive and comfortable have a browse on the  ThirdLove website, furthermore for 15% off all orders use the code BRABLEMS. 

Have you got any brablems, if so how do you deal with them and what are your solutions? 

Adele x


Saturday 4 June 2016

The Life Post | Five Post Ideas For A Lazy Day

You know those days, where you just cannot be bothered to put on a bra and do your hair to face the world? But life goes on, and despite feeling lazy things must be done and blog posts must be written. If like me, you sometimes have these kind of days I have a few tips and tricks to help. 

Although my favourite posts to share are outfit posts, they require a lot of planning and work. Between putting together an outfit, doing hair and make up, taking, then editing all of the pictures and finally putting it all together, it can be quite time consuming and sometimes it would just be so much easier to take one simple picture and write a little bit on a certain subject. So, with that, here are a few of my lazy day post ideas. 

Go- To Products
Make up, skincare, hair care, take note of any products you use on a regular basis. Snap a couple of pictures of it, write about what you love about it and why you always go back to it and there you go, post done. 

Compile together a few things you have been lusting after, it could be anything from a pair of jeans to a book you've heard good things about. Put them all together into one post and share them with your readers, so simple!

This could be your shoe collection, jewellery, books, handbags, the list with this one is endless so you can definitely get more than just the one post out of it. 

Favourite Fragrance
What perfume do you always seem to go back to? Maybe you have a fragrance that you only like to wear in Summer or Winter, again you can get a number of posts out of this, which requires little effort. 

Outfit Layouts
For me personally I love reading these kind of posts. Pick out a couple of looks, lay them out nicely on the floor and take some pictures of them. This way you can still share all of you favourite outfits and styling tips and you don't even have to get out of your pjs.. perfect! 

Hopefully this helped a few people, if you have any lazy day posts, what are they?

Adele x

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