Sunday 26 July 2015

Lush's 'Cupcake' Face Mask Review.

 It's no secret that i'm a big Lush fan. I find it really comforting knowing that when using their products i'm putting the most natural and fresh products onto my skin with the added bonus that my money is going to a good place with their views on animal testing etc.

So, for the purpose of this review I decided to put the product to the ultimate test and use it on my boyfriend, whose name he would like to keep anonymous for macho reasons. 
I feel that after so many years of using face masks my skin has somewhat become immune to seeing huge differences when I use a new product so using it on my boyfriends face I would see maximum results. 

The mask caters for oily/teenage skin. It claims to help absorb excess oil which in turn leads to less breakouts and softens skin.

For me, whenever I use the mask my skin is noticeably softer and any extra oil I have, particularly on my t-zone is gone. My boyfriend has a similar skin type to me which is combination, an oily t-zone and normal/dry skin on the cheeks. The results of the mask on him was quite similar, his skin was very noticeably softer, with less oil and also less dry skin on the parts that needed a little moisture. As far as the odd spot or two go, they didn't magically disappear but there was a visible reduction of redness and evening of his skin tone.

All in all I think this product does what it claims to and I would definitely recommend it for anyone with an oily or combination skin tone type looking for slight results, it also smells like chocolate so what's not to love?! 


Adele x


Thursday 23 July 2015

July Style Inspiration.

Dungarees, camis, button down and A line skirts, everything that's been catching my eye as of recent. I'm quite intrigued by the 70s trend that is currently happening, not just the button down skirts and suede material but the whole autumnal colour palette too.. I feel that browns, reds and oranges are colours that suit almost everyone, which could be part of the reason why it's so huge at the minute. 

What trends have you been loving lately?


Adele x


Sunday 19 July 2015

The Outfit | Nineteen

Top/dress: Missguided
Jeans: American Apparel
Boots: New Look

I picked up these American Apparel jeans when I was in Liverpool a couple weeks ago and oh my god.. they are the comfiest jeans I own by far, I feel the charcoal colour is perfect as it's a lot less harsh than black but and can also be easily paired with other colours. For 50% off also at 39 pound.. what else is a girl to do but buy them! 
The 'top' i'm wearing is actually a dress from Missguided I wore on New Years just gone, it's so pretty that I wanted to find a way to incorporate it into my everyday wardrobe instead of just wearing it on occasions. 
That's all anyway! 


Adele x


Wednesday 15 July 2015

5 Beauty Benefits Of Coconut Oil.

Coconut oil is widely known for it's cooking and health benefits, being the perfect healthy cooking oil substitute and the delicious key ingredient in Pina Coladas it serves it's purpose quite nicely. However, not only can it be thrown into the frying pan or gulped down on a hot summer's day, it has many a beauty benefit also.. here are the 5 I deem to be the most efficient.

1. Eye Cream
If you suffer from dark cirlces like me or want to reduce or even prevent the appearance of wrinkles around the eye coconut oil is perfect, simply pinch a bit of the oil and rub it gently around the eye area before bed time and leave it over night, myth says it reduces the appearance of dark circles and wrinkles while keeping the area plump and well moisturized. 

2. Deep Conditioner 
Scoop up a bit of the oil and melt it by rubbing your hand together, then by running the oil through the ends of your hair and leaving it on for a few hours your hair will become moisturized, soft and frizz free. 

3.Body Moisturizer 
After taking a bath or shower rub some coconut oil all over and soon you'll be reaping the benefits of it's moisturizing goodness, it also has a natural spf 4 in it so what's not to love?!

4.Shaving Cream
Instead of wasting money on shaving cream put some on your legs while in the shower just before shaving, it acts as a balm which gives a close shave and leaves your legs looking and feeling smooth.

5. Lip Balm
If you suffer from dry lips then coconut oil is the perfect solution. With it's moisturizing properties it's sure to get rid of any dryness ya got going on!

My list could go on and on but i'll leave it at that.

Does anyone else love coconut oil?


Adele x


Wednesday 1 July 2015

The Outfit | Eighteen

Bralet: Forever21
Jeans: Pennys/Primark
Shirt: Urban Outfitters
Heels: New Look

I bought this gorgeous bralet from Forever21 about two years ago and I think I've worn it a grand total of twice. I think it's the prettiest thing ever to look at but I find it a little hard to style, nude is never a colour I would usually wear so i'm always unsure about what would go with it. 

However, I think it goes quite well with these black Penny's jeans and is easily played down with the checked shirt.


Happy Wednesday everyone!
Adele x

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