Wednesday 15 July 2015

5 Beauty Benefits Of Coconut Oil.

Coconut oil is widely known for it's cooking and health benefits, being the perfect healthy cooking oil substitute and the delicious key ingredient in Pina Coladas it serves it's purpose quite nicely. However, not only can it be thrown into the frying pan or gulped down on a hot summer's day, it has many a beauty benefit also.. here are the 5 I deem to be the most efficient.

1. Eye Cream
If you suffer from dark cirlces like me or want to reduce or even prevent the appearance of wrinkles around the eye coconut oil is perfect, simply pinch a bit of the oil and rub it gently around the eye area before bed time and leave it over night, myth says it reduces the appearance of dark circles and wrinkles while keeping the area plump and well moisturized. 

2. Deep Conditioner 
Scoop up a bit of the oil and melt it by rubbing your hand together, then by running the oil through the ends of your hair and leaving it on for a few hours your hair will become moisturized, soft and frizz free. 

3.Body Moisturizer 
After taking a bath or shower rub some coconut oil all over and soon you'll be reaping the benefits of it's moisturizing goodness, it also has a natural spf 4 in it so what's not to love?!

4.Shaving Cream
Instead of wasting money on shaving cream put some on your legs while in the shower just before shaving, it acts as a balm which gives a close shave and leaves your legs looking and feeling smooth.

5. Lip Balm
If you suffer from dry lips then coconut oil is the perfect solution. With it's moisturizing properties it's sure to get rid of any dryness ya got going on!

My list could go on and on but i'll leave it at that.

Does anyone else love coconut oil?


Adele x



  1. I love coconut oil! I use it on my hair as serum!


  2. Absolutely love coconut oil , I use it for a few years , truly amazing multipurpose product.!!!



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