Wednesday 31 December 2014

Goodbye 2014.

So the time has come for the cliche post where I say cliche things like '2014 had has a lot of ups and downs' and 'I hope 2015 is even better'. 
However, I can't help but feel a little nostalgic looking through these pictures. 2014 included leaving my school days behind, starting college, getting my first job, going to Amsterdam, my debs, festivals, concerts and, it would appear, many a drunken night.

Sorry for the overload of pictures, I had a hard time disregarding a lot of them. 

Wishing everyone the loveliest of 2015's.
Adele x

Wednesday 24 December 2014

Berry Christmas.

I recently purchased this Wet n' Wild balm stain. I've been lusting after a berry lip colour for weeks but I wasn't willing to fork out more than 20 euro for it.. and so I stumbled across this little thing. 

It's not necessary a 'lipstick' it's more of a 'lipstain' which the title of it suggests. It's definitely very moisturizing so if you suffer from dry lips, this is the product for you. The product is quite long lasting and leaves my lips stained until I completely wash it off. However, it can be a little messy.. I recommend buying a berry lip liner to keep things in place as I find it spreads itself across my face throughout the day. 

For just a few euro I can't really complain, it does the job well enough for the amount you pay. I think i'll still look for a perfect berry lip colour, possible a more matte one.. but until I find that perfect one this one will do just fine. 

Have a lovely Christmas all! 
Adele x

Sunday 21 December 2014

My Christmas wishlist

Untitled #1

So, I've recently discovered polyvore, which has resulted in a mass amount of wishlists, style the looks and time wasted. Buuutt, I decided to put together a little Christmas wishlist in the hope that the right person will read this.

Mom jeans: I'm in a rut of only ever wearing tights with shorts or skirts so I have decided the time has come to broaden my leg attire horizon.

Mustard jumper: Jumpers are my fave, the colour mustard is my fave. Both of them combined.. well I think you can see where this is going.

Black Barely there's: I don't know why I didn't think of getting a pair of these sooner, they basically go with everything. 

Triangle bras: I rarely buy myself anything other than spongebob knickers for 2 euro from pennys but I have decided that I want to invest in a few seam free bras with matching underwear. How gorgeous is this green one from Topshop!?

Samsung galaxy s4: After 3 years of owning a blackberry that does nothing but receive texts and calls I have decided that I want to join the rest of the 21st century and get myself a fancy ass phone. I don't really understand the whole iphone hype so I opted for a trusty Samsung. 

Berry lipstick: I think apart from a traditional red lip, this is a gorgeous lip colour for the winter season. 

And I threw a little hot chocolate into it too.. just coz I can.

What is everyone else hoping to open up on Christmas morning?
Adele x


Wednesday 17 December 2014

The Outfit | Nine

Top: Pennys/Primark
Skirt: Forever21
Shirt: Vintage
Jacket: Missguided
Knee socks: Pennys/Primark
Shoes: Missguided
Bag: Pennys/Primark

I left the confines of my shed to take these outfit pictures. Special thanks to my gal Rebecca for taking them.

I <3 my new coat.
Adele x

Thursday 11 December 2014

Dublin in a day.

Last week I paid Dublin City Centre a little visit and I decided to capture the erm... beauty of the place through the lens of my little purple camera. 

Happy Thursday! 
Adele x
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