Wednesday 24 December 2014

Berry Christmas.

I recently purchased this Wet n' Wild balm stain. I've been lusting after a berry lip colour for weeks but I wasn't willing to fork out more than 20 euro for it.. and so I stumbled across this little thing. 

It's not necessary a 'lipstick' it's more of a 'lipstain' which the title of it suggests. It's definitely very moisturizing so if you suffer from dry lips, this is the product for you. The product is quite long lasting and leaves my lips stained until I completely wash it off. However, it can be a little messy.. I recommend buying a berry lip liner to keep things in place as I find it spreads itself across my face throughout the day. 

For just a few euro I can't really complain, it does the job well enough for the amount you pay. I think i'll still look for a perfect berry lip colour, possible a more matte one.. but until I find that perfect one this one will do just fine. 

Have a lovely Christmas all! 
Adele x


  1. This suits you so well! I need to try this product!


  2. Looks so amazing on you! Happy holidays xx


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