Sunday 30 October 2016

The Instagram Roundup | October

Who would actually believe it is the end of October already?! I am well settled back into college now and in the space of a mere few weeks I have gone from chilling to drowning in a sea of college work. The next month or so is set only to become more stressful so I am making my very best attempt to use my week off this week to get as much reading and essays done as possible.

I have to admit, I am so glad that it is now cold enough to be able to have baths and wear grandad jumpers.. as my recent instagram pictures probably suggest. And I am even a little bit excited for Halloween, which rarely happens. Although I doubt I will do anything wild on the night of Halloween, I am happy to use it as an excuse to watch films and eat chocolate.

I hope everyone had a spooktacular weekend and enjoy their Halloween tomorrow!

Adele x

Friday 28 October 2016

The Fashion Post - The Lazy Girls Guide to Halloween with Sammydress

Dressing up for Halloween and being lazy is not a combination destined for success. You want to look nice and make the effort but spending hours plastering your face in white paint, fake blood and latex just does not appeal to you. So I decided to put together a little a post on how to dress up for Halloween without actually having to dress up? If you get my drift.

So I took inspiration from a few different websites to to bring to you my favourite 'lazy' costumes. With these pieces all you have to do is pair them with items you already have in your wardrobe, whack on a little fake blood if you wish and you are good to go. Perfect for any last minute Halloween plans or if you are just completely lazy and committing to a costume is far too strenuous for you. 

What are you planning on dress up as for Halloween? 

Adele x

Wednesday 26 October 2016

The Beauty Post | The Body Shop's Seaweed Clay Mask Review

 I am completely obsessed with face masks, in particular when it comes to this time of year. The colder weather can reek havoc on my skin and for whatever reason it tends to break out once we reach the end of the year. This is when I turn to face masks the most for help. Due to this I am forever on the hunt for a new face mask that will sort me out during my breakouts. For years I have been using Lush face masks that I thought did the job until I came across this baby. 

I tried out a small sample of The Body Shop's 'Seaweed' face mask. I am a true believer in clay face masks and find it oddly satisfying to see the darker patches on my skin once the clay has dried that is drawing out my impurities, Please tell me i'm not the only one? This mask hasn't get the friendliest of smells, and by that I mean once you get a whif of it you know this mask means business and will take no prisoners when it comes to spots on your face. If your skin is in any way dry or sensitive I would steer clear of this and it is quite harsh on your skin. 

From the first time I used it I saw huge results in my skin. My face was ridiculously soft to touch, my skin felt tight and fresh and a lot of my spots had cleared up. With continued use I saw even more results, with my skin clearing substantially. I still continue to get spots, it does not prevent that but it does keep them at ease and I know I can rely on it whenever needs be. At 22 euro the mask is a little on the pricey side, but once I am seeing results the price is well worth it. The tub it comes in is huge also so you are getting bang for your buck. 

Has anyone else tried this before, if so how did you find it? 

I hope you are all having a lovely Wednesday!

Adele x

Sunday 23 October 2016

The Fashion Post | Get The Look - Sarah Jessica Parker

Oh look, it's just my favourite gal in the whole wide world, looking amazing, as usual. How anyone can not be in love with Sarah Jessica Parker is a mystery to me. Whether dolled up as her alter ego Carrie Bradshaw or on the red carpet in all her SJP glory, her style is something I have been fascinated with for as long as I can remember. 

Although taken a while ago, the above look is still very contemporary. Which in my opinion, if an outfit withstands the test of time and is still contemporary, it is true style. As I am obsessed with maxi coats I made it my mission to find a similar one to Sarah's pink one above. I live for the day that I am CEO in a fancy ass office and can wear outfits like this every single day. What is it about long coats that make you look like you have your shit together? Anyway this look is to me perfection, however I did omit the gloves because unless you're Sara, the Queen or Michael Jackson I don't think you should be rocking them. 

What celebrities do you look up to for style inspiration? 

Adele x

Wednesday 19 October 2016

The Life Post | Ten Reasons Why You Should Love Your Big Boobs

Quite a while back I made a post on '10 reasons why you should love your small boobs' and although it is not entirely relate able to me, it is only fair that I make a post dedicated to all you big breasted gals. Because at the end of the day big or small, all boobs are wonderful and why not embrace that. 

Everyone Loves Them
And i'm not just talking about straight men, gay men, straight girls, gay girls and everyone else inbetween.. they appeal to everyone. Boobs are great and everyone knows it. 

What's a push up bra?
I am forever stuffing and pushing up my boobs in an attempt to make an outfit look nicer. But if you are lucky enough to have big boobs naturally you don't have to undertake any of the tasks us flat chested ladies have to, just pop on a bra and there you go, Cleavage! 

Big Bras
With big boobs comes big bras.. obviously. But there is so much more to this. You can hide pretty much anything in your bra and no one is any the wiser. Think alcohol at music festivals.. I am so jealous of you. 

With bigger breasts comes more body heat. This is something got to do with the adipose tissue, which is pretty handy if you live in a colder climate. You essentially are your own portable heater. 

I'm unsure exactly how true this is, but apparently possessing the hormones needed to grow large boobs generally means that your reproductive system is healthy. 

Big boobs, lots of milk, happy babies. It's all good stuff, really.

Gone be with the days that only women with small boobs could buy attractive underwear. Pretty much every brand now caters for larger chested girls also so you can have your big boobies and look pretty, yaaaay. 

Life Expectancy 
Apparently women with larger chests are healthier and live longer when compared to those with smaller boobs. This makes me a little sad, but hey ho. 

They're Fun to Play With 
I can't really speak from personal experience here. But I can imagine they are fun for boys, girls and yourself to play with. What's not to love about that?!

Having big boobs gives you more buoyancy so if you ever find yourself in a tricky situation while swimming you needn't panic too much because your boobies have got ya back! 

I do hope this little bit of body positivity cheered up your Wednesday afternoon. I feel in a world filled with body standards and pressure there is nothing wrong with celebrating how you look, regardless of what society deems it to be.

Adele x


Sunday 16 October 2016

The Fashion Post | Graphic Tee and Striped Skirt

 T-Shirt- Zara / Skirt- Asos / Brogues- Penneys/Primark / Coat- Boohoo

You may or may not recognize this striped skirt from a recent Asos wishlist. I completely fell in love with it as soon as I saw it and had to make it mine. The tie belt means I can adjust it to my waist, which is perfect for me because it is very rare that something actually fits me. I decided to dress it down a little with a pair of brogues and that amazing Zara tee, the colour is definitely what drew me to it, and my fatass can relate to the french fries part too. 

I hope you all are having a lovely Sunday.

Adele x

Wednesday 12 October 2016

The Life Post | Autumn Favourites

As I've stated in my last one million posts, it is Autumn, just in case you still didn't know. And so with that for most people comes it's very own set of cozy Autumnal favourites, mine I thought I would share with you to maybe inspire you a little or get you into the Autumn spirit. 

Bath Bombs
What is Autumn without baths? and more importantly what are baths without bath bombs? Possibly my favourite part about the colder seasons is being able to relax in a hot bath with the scent of my favourite Lush bath bomb taking over the bathroom.

Grandad Jumpers 
I am obsessed with Grandad jumpers all year round, but in particular this time of year. Not only do they keep me warm on frosty days they look ridiculously cute in the process. They may not be to everyone's taste but to me they are the glue that holds together my Autumn wardrobe. This H&M (similar) jumper is the perfect colour for this season and keeps me so warm it is actually not even funny.

Gradual Tan 
Now that the sun has disappeared there is no chance of me catching a tan for another 8 months or so. So to avoid looking like Casper the friendly ghost I have been using this Sunkissed  gradual tan for the past while and I am loving it. I try to steer clear away from instant tans because I have no idea how to apply them without looking like a mess, this tan is perfect to apply on each night as a moisturizer, it smells amazing and leaves me with a bronzed glow the next morning. 

Staying in more means that I have more time to read, and there is nothing more wonderful than curling up with a book and getting lost in a fictional world. At the minute I am starting to re read one of my favourites, The Perks of Being A Wallflower in between all of my college reading. If you have any book recommendations do let me know in the comments, I would love to give them a read.

Again with the whole being pale thing I don't really have that Summer glow thing going on anymore. So the only thing I can do to achieve that again is to fake it. Recently I have been alternating between my trusty Benefit's High Beam and Sunkist's High Lights which I use on my face and on my d├ęcolletage if I am wearing a low cut top and want some instant radiance. 

I've said the word 'Autumn' an embarrassing amount of times in this post. 

What are your favourites this season? 

Adele x

Sunday 9 October 2016

The Beauty Post | Autumn Nail Polish

I am definitely the kind of person that likes to paint my nails in correspondence to season. Now that we have waved goodbye to Summer my pastel nail polishes have seen their day and are now stashed away, eagerly awaiting the sun's return. I am the luckiest gal to have a mother with just as much as an obsession with nail varnish as myself. With that means I have an entire array of colours to choose from whenever I please. 

I have drawn inspiration from crispy leaves and Autumn skies when it comes to my nail colour as of late. Even though it's not Christmas just yet, I couldn't resist throwing in a little glitter with that gorgeous orange colour. Every other colour I have kept quite simple, with muted nudes and deep purple. 

 Drugstore brands like Essence and Catrice are perfect for buying polishes according to the season, as they are constantly keeping up with the latest seasons and trends for a very affordable price. 

What nail colours will you be wearing this Autumn? 

Adele x


Wednesday 5 October 2016

The Life Post | Online Shopping Advice with ApprovedCatalogues

Online shopping can be the ultimate savior at times. I can think of nothing better than curling up on the sofa at the weekend, having a spot of retail therapy from the comfort of my own sitting room. With it now being the run up to, dare I say it.. Christmas (I'm sorry, don't hate me), shopping in real life is going to become a somewhat impossible task. With a lot of us opting for shopping online so as to avoid the sweaty masses scouring shopping centres to find that perfect pair of socks for their dad/brother/boyfriend. 

However, as wonderful as online shopping is, as with everything it does come with it's cons. All may not be as simple as it seems, with products being of bad quality, ill fitting sizes and card hackers it can be a tricky minefield to navigate. So I have put together some pieces of advice that may help out a few of my fellow shopaholics when shopping online. 

If you are ordering from a website you have never ordered from before look at reviews, they are everywhere. Chances are there are hundreds of blog posts and reviews about that particular brand or website just waiting to be read. Most people are honest about this kind of thing and if you see nothing but bad reviews it may be best to give that one a miss. 

There are many ways to keep your debit or credit card secure when shopping online. For example, with Bank of Ireland I use Verified by Visa which is a free and automatic online security service that helps to guard your card against unauthorized use online. So if you loose your card you don't have to worry about someone finding it and using it online before you get a chance to cancel it.  

Ask a Friend
Whenever I am ordering from a new website I will always ask my friends if they have ordered from it before and what they thought. This helps out massively when it comes to things like quality and picking the right size. The main problem with online shopping is that you can't try on what you are buying, so you have to really know your size. Some brands may not be true to size, so by asking a friend you will know exactly whether or not to size up or down. 

Be Organised
If you are shopping with a certain event in mind be sure to give enough time for the item to be delivered and also bear in mind the fact that it may not fit or suit you and you may have to send it back. A lot of people don't give themselves enough time and end up having to opt for next day delivery, which just means you are paying extra for something that you could have shopped in advance for and saved money. 

Approved Catalogues
ApprovedCatalogues is a place that compiles together a list of catalogues, saving you the effort of navigating through different sites. From clothes to furniture, they have a catalogue for you. With brands such as SimplyBe and Jd Williams on board, this may just be the way forward when it comes to online shopping. 

What advice would you have when it comes to shopping online?

Adele x


Sunday 2 October 2016

The Beauty Post | Lush Trichomania Solid Shampoo

A couple of months ago I discovered Lush's 'Trichomania' solid shampoo. Intrigued by the idea idea that it was a bar of shampoo and not your standard bottle one, I was keen to give it a go. Environmentally friendly, it eliminates the hassle of discarding of bottles and makes travelling a hell of a lot easier, since it is not considered a liquid you can carry it with you on a plane. 

The shampoo is for hair that has lost it's moisture and needs to be tamed. I myself have straight hair with dry ends so I was excited to put a little more moisture back into it. Made with coconuts the shampoo smells so amazing. like most lush products it can be smelled from miles away so for this reason alone I had to try it. To use the product you simply wet your hair and rub the bar onto your head until it lathers, it lathers a lot more than a normal shampoo so a little bit goes a long way. After this you rinse it out just as normal and use a conditioner as you wish, although I don't think it is necessary. 

So was it worth trying? In my opinion yes it was worth trying but I probably won't be purchasing it again. For the sole reason that after I use it, it leaves my hair feeling waxy and looking a little dull, yes it is clean and no one else can notice but this is just something that bothers me. I have tried everything for it not to happy, I have rinsed my hair with hot water, water, used less product, not conditioned and still the waxy feeling is still there. I find this is a problem that often happens to me with lush hair products ( see here ) so I am beginning to think maybe it is my hair, I just don't know.

I did look up other reviews on the lush website and it was very hit and miss, some swear by it while others hated it. Maybe it will work for you but for me I don't think I will be wasting my money on it again. 

Have you tried this before? If so what did you think of it? 

Adele x
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