Monday 27 November 2017

The Beauty Post | Lush's 'Enchanted' Eye Cream Review

Daaaamn Adele, back at it again with the Lush reviews. 
From quite a young age I have been plagued with dark circles under my eyes. Something that has only become worse over time and has slowly picked away at my confidence. With no real 'cure' to this pesky problem, the only hope I have is to find an eye cream that alleviates the issue. 

Having read some positive reviews on Lush's Enchanted eye cream, I decided to give it a go for myself, and I was not disappointed.

With all natural ingredients including Lavender honey water and jojoba oil, this eye cream is a treat for your under eyes. The weightless texture of the cream is what initially drew me to it. Unlike many other heavy eye creams, Enchanted can be used day or night, which is ideal for giving your under eyes a little boost whenever needed. 

Popping a tiny dot of the cream onto my eye area and rubbing it in gives my eyes the lift they need. Of course the cream does not work wonders and it does not entirely erase my dark circles, but it does absorb well into my skin, leaving my under eyes plumper and brighter than they were before. 

If like me, you are searching for an eye cream to tackle dark under eye circles, I would recommend giving this one a go. 

This has quickly become a staple product in my skincare routine and most definitely is something that I will be repurchasing once I have ran out. 

Have you tried this before? What are your thoughts on it?

Adele x
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