About Me

 I'm Adele, a 21 year old English, Media and Cultural Studies student from Dublin. 

Two years ago I started up my blog as a creative outlet for my love of all things fashion and beauty related. Having worked in fashion retail and also completed a course in fashion I have learned that my style and image is ever evolving and changing and blogging is the perfect way to document that. I one day hope to go on to work in fashion editorial and ultimately become the Carrie Bradshaw of Dublin (probably minus all one night stands).

I also feel very strongly towards Chinese food and the low cut nature of Harry Styles' shirts. 



  1. I love that you are so relatable and witty. I'm definitely following!

  2. would love to collaborate!

  3. Beautiful blog you've got, adele


  4. In love with your feed! I follow you on Instagram and now I'm going to follow you on here!

  5. You had commented on one of my recent blog posts, and from now on I've been obsessed with looking through your blog! It's literally been the same posts I see every time but still can't stop looking, lol! Such an inspiration - you've definitely gained a new follower, as well as instagram! X


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