Sunday 1 February 2015

January in pictures

I have decided that since I now have the wonder that is Instagram I would make a post every month rounding up my favourite instapics from the month. 

So.. in the month that saw the long awaited return of Cadbury creme eggs I finally visited the Titanic museum in Belfast, learned how to work a sewing machine and eh did a few other things. With today being the first official day of Spring I will be a little sad to see leaves growing on the trees again (they're so much prettier with none) I will however be very happy to (hopefully) say goodbye to the cold weather and start to live life only wearing 2 cardigans instead of 3. Even in summer it's still freezing in Ireland.

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Until next month!
Adele x


  1. love your blog
    I tagged you in the very inspiring blogger award:)

  2. Such cute pictures. Hope you had a great time at the museum. Great post.



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