Wednesday 12 August 2015

That 70's Trend

Fashion is obsessed with all things 70's at the minute. Stemming from the catwalk last year, the trend has stood firm and has since worked it's way into the high street, making the trend affordable for us mere mortals. 

I recently included some pictures of a couple of 70's trend staples in my 'July Style Inspiration' post and touched on what I liked about it. However, I feel that this recent trend is so broad (and lovely) that it deserves it's own post. Firstly, i've included some street style and other bloggers' pictures which I feel perfectly combine the retro style while still giving it a modern twist. Pairing flares with light over sized shirts and button down skirts with chunky knits each one of these looks are completely wearable.

Love the skirt

Now that the revival is here, everyday is pretty much a throwback to decades- old silhouettes with flares and maxis, detailing with fringing and embroidery, fabrics such as denim and suede and of course with the colours, brown, cream, yellow, orange and red. 

I've also put together two different looks on Polyvore showing how I would personally style and tackle the trend.


The trend is expected to span over two seasons, and if you're like me and will continue to wear clothes well after he trend has had it's day and come and gone, I feel that it is well worth the investment with a few pieces from fashions groovy past. 

What's your thoughts on this trend? 


Adele x


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