Wednesday 2 September 2015

Bedroom Decor Inspo.

I know this post isn't necessarily fashion or beauty related, buuut, i've recently embarked on a journey of re decorating my room. Naturally with that comes endless hours wasted looking for 'inspiration' on pinterest.

Currently as we speak I am in my bed surrounded by all of my possessions on the floor, my walls half painted and generally everything in a well ordered heap. So, to keep me sane I thought I would share this little inspo post for other guys and gals that appreciate looking at gorgeous interior design like me.

I'm obsessed with white wood, old refurbished furniture and shabby chic decorations. Unfortunately my bedroom is in the attic and the 97% of it is made from wood so painting the whole thing white is a near impossible task that I am just not willing to take on.. so looking at these pictures will have to suffice for now. But I do plan to incorporate other bits of decorations into it.

I long for the day that I have my own apartment or home and can decorate the whole thing, but also dread the day I have to pay for rent and bills and food and all the other responsibilities of being an adult. For now i'm perfectly happy making my room a pretty little space for me to be in.

A new bedroom post is soon to follow this so don't go anywhere!


Adele x


  1. These interiors are so gorgeous and romantic... I can't get enough of the ivy decor in the first photo, so shabby chic! :D xx

    elizabeth | ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara | follow on bloglovin

  2. love this! White is always stylish!


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