Saturday 24 December 2016

The Beauty Post | A Go-To Product: Collection Lasting Concealer

There is nothing I love on this planet more than a bargain, and when that bargain sneaks it's way onto your go- to products list you know you have something good going on. This is quite possibly my ultimate go- to product and has been for the past four years. 

For just over 5 euro this concealer does an incredible job. I suffer from very dark circles and have tried and tested every concealer under the sun. From mac to clinique I have spent an unhealthy amount of money on trying to find that perfect concealer, but nothing seems to outdo this.

 It comes in four different shades and the colour I use is the lightest shade. I never wear foundation so this little beauty does the trick to hide whatever I need it to. I have used this in the past when I had acne and it did an amazing job covering any bumps and red bits up, so I find comfort in the fact that if my skin decides to break out I have this magical little thing to sort me out. It has good lasting power, once set with some powder it won't budge for majority of the day and there is little to no creasing.
We've all had that heartbreaking moment when you wake up after a night out only to discover that you were a drunken state the night before and lost an expensive make up item. But with this you don't need to have that fear.. for a fiver you can just pick yourself up another and glaze over the fact that you are an irresponsible mess.. what a win! 
Have you ever tried this product before? If not, what is your go-to concealer?

Also a very merry Christmas eve to everyone, and I hope you all have a wonderfully festive day tomorrow!

Adele x


  1. I am going to have to try this concealer. I too have dark under eye circles. It has been tough trying to find something actually works.

  2. I don't use concealer. For some reason I don't believe in covering pimples. I think it is better not to cover what defines us as human, being imperfect and good thing that I don't have dark circles under my eyes and for that I thank god every day.
    But I think that this product will do the job just fine.

  3. This looks so much like the concealer I use which is Seventeen concelaer 18hrs cover up! Have you tried that before? I def will give this a go :D

  4. Awesome concealer. Merry Christmas

    Aly In Wanderland | <3 | New Post

  5. Oeh love the concealer! Lovely days xxx

  6. Merry Christmas)) Have a joyful time!
    Lovely new items!

  7. I heard that it really does the job covering the dark circles so great choice haha. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Nice post!
    Merry Christmas! Wish you all the best!

  9. Nice post mu dear, Thank you very much for sharing it, very useful :)

    Check out my latest blogpost "All About Grey - A Winter Look"


  10. I love your blog!!! Keep up the good work! I love make up and fashion! xoxo Cindy

  11. Collection products are cheap but actually seem to be of quite good quality, they also have an eyeliner that is one of the best I've tried!

  12. Looks like it has great coverage. I love it. Happy holidays to you.

  13. So cool!
    I hope you had a wonderful X-mas :)


  14. I've been wanting to try this concealer for such a long time but I can't seem to get my hands on it!

    xx, rebecca

  15. No concealer covers up my dark circles really! Should try this!

  16. That's great concealer! Love it!

  17. I've heard a lot about this concealer but I'm not from UK so I don't know where I can buy it online! xx

  18. Sounds like an interesting concealer! I wonder if I can get it here in Germany.

    Rae | Love from Berlin

  19. I am quiet skeptical about the products I use on my face but I do like affordable products that do a fine job. I like using the collections black eyeliner not tried their concealer. Thanks for this review.x

  20. I've been looking for an inexpensive concealer so will definitely have to give this a try!! Would love if you could check out my new post? XX

    The Fashion
    Instagram @louisefrancescaa

  21. I've used this concealer for years!! It's so good!
    So happy I've just found your blog!

    Virgin Mojitos

    Virgin Mojitos on Bloglovin'

  22. I've got to try this concealer. I use NARS creamy radiant and I read a post earlier today about this being a great dupe for that one. I haven't seen it in the US though.

  23. Nicely Reviewed! Your blogging way is cool ;)
    Loved your blog,You are looking Pretty!
    Love xx

  24. Laraib from

  25. Hey Adele. This is my favourite concealer too. Like you I have suffered with bad skin and this little beauty has come to the rescue every time. I'm coming to the end of mine so I'm thinking a trip to Superdrug is needed. I love your style of writing. Going to save your blog so I can come back to it. Keep up the good work chick xxx

  26. Might need to try out this concealer!


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