Wednesday 25 January 2017

The Beauty Post | The Importance of Wearing Sunscreen Everyday

I am a firm believer in the importance of investing in your skin. I just don't see the point in spending tonnes of money on make up in an attempt to cover up neglected skin, while never getting to the root of the problem and only making matters worse. 

It's no secret that make up isn't exactly good for your skin, but that notion definitely isn't going to stop us from wearing it. So rather than vowing to never wearing make up again, why don't we begin to actually take care of our skin, establish a sturdy skincare regime.

For me sunscreen is at the root of any decent skincare regime, and not just on your 10 day holiday in Ibiza once a year, it needs to be applied at least to your face all year round, all day errday. The cream I am using at the minute is the Body Shop's Skin Defence Multi- Protection Essence, which I apply every morning on the days that I am leaving my house and better yet is spf 50 so I can feel confident in the fact that no sun rays will be getting through this bad boy, that is the one ray of sun Ireland sees all year anyway. 

Just to try and convince you further to invest in a daily sunscreen I listed below five reasons why. 

It Prevents Premature Aging 
I don't know anyone who wants to have wrinkles, so by preventing that as early as you can your future self will most definitely be thankful. 

Enhances Skin Health
Moisturised skin = Happy skin. 
It really is that simple, your skin will instantly look more radiant, leaving it smooth and healthy. 

Reduces Skin Discoloration
For me, after my acne cleared up a few years ago I was left with spot marks and discoloration all over my face, which has been completely erased through wearing sunscreen on a daily basis.. hurrah!

It Reduces Your Risk Of Skin Cancer
This one may be more relevant to people who live in a hotter climate, however it is important whatever country you live in to wear some kind of factor on your skin, particularly in the Summer months. Skin cancer is no joke and it is up to you to reduce your risk of getting it. 

You'll Still Tan Through It 
Having a tan is what most people want these days and it is a common myth that people believe that by wearing sunscreen you are eliminating the chance to actually get a tan. This is not true. The only thing you are eliminating is getting sunburn, which can be uncomfortable and often dangerous. By wearing sun protection you will build a gradual tan, avoiding any redness. 

What are your thoughts on this? Do you wear sunscreen everyday?

Adele x



  1. I don't wear sun screen, but it seems like I have to.

  2. I never really wear sunscreen unless i'm going to the beach, seems like i need to

  3. sunscreen is my summer must-have

  4. Sunscreen is an everyday essential here in Australia, and always 50+! Love the pictures!

    Sharni //

  5. great post... have a nice day...

  6. Great reminder of why we should all be wearing SPF regularly.. I really want there to be an SPF that doesn't flash back in photos


  7. Couldn't agree enough!! a great reminder and message :)

  8. Great post! Love your 5 reasons for wearing sunscreen. It really is important to make sun protection part of your everyday skin care routine. Best way to keep skin healthy.

  9. Absolutely agree! It's nonsense to use tons of make-up, when you don't care about primary skincare. Nice post! :-)

  10. I thought about this a lot last year and this Summer will be wearing it daily! - Amy

  11. I usually apply sunscreen pretty frequently already. Great post! I just found your blog and I'm loving all the pictures and the design! :) I just followed you on GFC too, if you'd like come check out my blog it'd be awesome!

  12. Sunscreen is so important I agree! It's hard to find a good one to go under make up though, body shop make great products - I can't believe I didn't think of trying them earlier ahha I'm definitely going to check this out!

  13. This looks gorgeous!


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