Wednesday 17 May 2017

The Beauty Post | L'Oreal Colorista Washout Dye Review

Since about the age of 16 I have been wanting to try out something different with my hair, and by different I mean dye it a pastel colour. When the trend began in around 2012 I think every girl went through a phase where they wanted nothing more than long wavy lilac tumbleresque hair. As most girls grew out of this phase, I did not. 
Having done my research on the steps it took to achieve pastel coloured hair I decided to give up on my dream. Bleaching my entire head and having to re dye my hair with colour every couple of weeks just seems like too much of a commitment for me, so I remained happy with my blonde locks. That is until I randomly came across L'Oreal's colorista washout dye in boots. Finally - my dreams having long peachy locks will be fulfilled.

The Product
The product claims to colour hair whatever colour you choose, which lasts up to 2-3 shampoos. I picked up the colours pink and peach, which cost me roughly 9 euro each. However, it must be stated that the product will only work on blonde, ombre or highlighted hair. So if you have all over dark brown or black hair I wouldn't waste my money buying the dye, because it probably won't work for you.  

Does it Work? 
Now on to the good bit. I applied both the pink and peach colour to my hair as instructed. I wanted a nice blend of the two so I applied a generous amount of both. Please note if you are going to give this a try make sure you buy two of whatever colour you are using as there just isn't enough product in just one tube to cover your whole head (massive con for me). I followed the instructions and allow the colour to sit in my hair for a while before washing it out. 

The results I was quite overwhelmed with. For a silly washout dye I really was not expecting the colour to take as well as it did. As you can see from these pictures the pink looks a lot more vibrant than the peach, but that really changed depending on the light. After one or two washes I did go through a phase of panic where I thought the dye had permanently left my hair a peachy/orange colour as it did not seem to be washing out. But with some patience the product did eventually wash out after about 5 washes - and I added a little washing up liquid to my shampoo to try and hurry up the process, which did the trick. Please please pay attention however, I have heard a lot of bad reviews on the blue colour in this range, with that it has turned people's hair permanently green so if you are looking to try that one, do think it through. Otherwise, my hair is now back to exactly how it was before and I am really impressed that the pink and peach colour washed out exactly as promised. 

Final Thoughts
To sum up my thoughts on this product. I am glad I gave it a go to satisfy myself after all these years of wondering how I would look with coloured hair, however I probably would not buy it again. As much as I enjoyed playing around with pink hair I really don't think it is for me and after a day or two I ended up missing being blonde.

 I have nothing against the product, I just personally feel more like myself when I am blonde. I would completely recommend this for anyone who like me, just wants to give pastel hair a go without the commitment of bleach, or if you want to spice up your hair colour for a special event. It is perfect coming into the festival season. 

Have you tried this before? 
Adele x


  1. I love your style with this look.

  2. Well it's awesome that you got to try this look! It looks good on you and I'm sure it was fun trying it out.

  3. Ok these look gorgeous! I want!

  4. Omg I'm so glad you reviewed this. I just bought a tube to dye my ends for a festival and I was worried about it staying an orange-y colour. I've only got the pastel pink though so hopefully it won't be too much of a problem :)

    Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog before! I was already following you haha :)

    Great review xxxx

    Tania | Teabee - UK Lifestyle, Beauty & Travel Blog

  5. It definitely has a number of drawbacks! If it is suppose to wash out in 2-3 shampoos then that is what it should do. Sorry to hear it took 5 for you. The blue sounds like a nightmare. I've used L'Oreal Excellence for years and never had a problem. Thanks for your honest thoughts.

  6. Totally relate to wanting pastel hair in 2012! The colour looks so good on you xx

    Hannah |luxuryblush

  7. I love love love that color of hair on you!! It is pretty bright, but it'd be perfect if you're going to a music festival or somewhere else fun during the summer. :)

  8. I'm so have such gorgeous hair! That pink looks great on you.

    - Greta

  9. This colour suits you so much! I honestly would have never thought to buy a L'Oréal brand - I normally use bleach London and it seems yours worked better! Looks gorgeous. Plus, this post was very well written! :) Xx

  10. It's always good to get it out of your system and try a new hair colour! I really want to try these as now I have blonde hair so I think it'd work well!

    The Makeup Directory

  11. Oooh! Your hair color is perfect! I love it! I've always wanted pastel hair, too. But I don't think my hair would survive the bleaching process. But if I ever do, I'm certainly trying this color!


  12. Good lord, you are adorable. This seems like the perfect product for trying out something new particularly over the summer months.

    Lis / last year's girl x

  13. Your hair looks BEAUTIFUL! I've got really really dark hair, and any product like this just wouldn't take hold at all - I'm a little envious!

    Steph -

  14. So pretty! This is such a gorgeous colour! You suit this so much! :D


  15. I just love this color, it fits you! Perfect with your fair skin!

  16. Love this hair colour on you, makes you even more striking! It's great that you can experiment for a short time.. i have dark hair so any experiment I do to my hair has to be permanent haha


  17. Are you a Disney princess? because you certainly look like one! The color is so pretty on you!

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